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Name: PARKER, Ernest Lloyd 'Ernie' CPM

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Birth Date: 1908

First Date: 1927

Profession: Asst. Inspector, Kenya Police in 1939, appointed 1938. Originally Constable 1927. Super in 1953

Area: Kitale 1939, Nairobi, 1930 Box 323, Nbi.

Married: At Koru 4 July 1934 Cynthia 'Picki' Halligan-Jolly (dau of Frank Halligan-Jolly)

Children: Peter; Reginald

Book Reference: Staff 39, Staff 53, Red 31, Habari 16, Max Hutton

General Information:

Habari 16 - in charge at Kiminini in 1941
Max Hutton - He certainly joined the Kenya Police in the very early 1930s as his Colonial Police Long Service Medal is a KGVI issue, thus he had to have served 18 years before 1952 still with the rank of Inspector. In the period pre Emergency he was in HQ Special Branch. An ex-Kenya Policeman said he had served when Special Branch was just 'two men and a boy'. In fact the Kenya Police Review of November 1953 states the parent body was 'Messrs (Cecil) Penfold (Senior Super CPM), Lloyd-Parker, Inspector Silcock, Banta Singh and some half dozen African ranks.
He is noted as leaving SB in 1953. I am uncertain where he went but a Policeman told me "he liked to be in the company of pretty women at the pool area of the 'Blue Posts'. He said at that time (1953-54ish) he was about 45 years of age and known to have been a boxer of some skill. He must have served in the East African Campaign at some time during WW2, but I can only deduce this by his service medals, possibly seconded to the Police in Eritrea? He was an Assistant Superintendent in the early stages of the Emergency. This period would have probably extended his service after his retirement age. He is thought to have ended up living in Johannesburg.
Mike Piper (nephew): He ended up in East London, where my mother Ella Piper (née Parker), and I visited him in 1957.  Before that he lived with his wife Picki and two sons Peter and Reg in Nairobi.  He often visited us when we lived in Nairobi, until we moved to Adelaide (Australia) in 1961 with his brother Captain Tom Brown.   (T.C. Brown)

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