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Name: DEEKES, David (Rev.)

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Birth Date: 11.4.1862 Whitechapel

Death Date: 8.3.1932 Banbury

First Date: 1887

Last Date: 1924

Profession: Missionary, went to Uganda as a layman and served there for 37 years

Area: Tanganyika, Usambiro 1890, Nassa, Mamboia

Married: In Islington 22.3.1892 Madeline Edith Atkins b. 5 Feb 1970 St Pancras, d. 7 June 1967 York

Children: David Dermott (1893 Zanzibar-1962); Lesley Mackay (30 Apr 1897 Africa-1972); Madeline Isabella Beatrice (Roper) (28 July 1898 Barnet-1974); Joyce Gwendoline (14 May 1909 Germany)

Book Reference: Gillett, Watt, Tucker, North, Red 22, CMS

War Service: Interned for two years in Tanganyika

General Information:

His first journey up from the Coast took 6 months. Missionary whom Stuart and Rachel Watt met at the Coast 1885/6. He was with another missionary, Charles Stokes
It is interesting to recall that he was the first to give the outside world news of the progress of the great explorer Stanley, for whose safety fears had been entertained. He received a horn from Stanley in commemoration of the meeting. He was also the only European present when Alexander Mackay, another pioneer, died of fever on the shores of Lake Victoria, and he buried him in a roughly made coffin. Just before WW1 he was transferred to Tanganyika and, on the outbreak of hostilities, was interned; he remained a POW for over two years. Retiring in 1924, he was appointed Rector of Drayton, England, in 1925.
North - Formerly lay helper in North London; Nassa Mission on Speke Gulf 1887-1891 then after home leave and his marriage to Mamboia
CMS 1887 - Age 25. Of Bethnal Green. Lay Helper in N. London. Offered in 1882; renewed offer Apr. 1883; and again in Nov. 1883. 1883, Nov. 27 Prep. Instn. 1887, Mar 8  to E. Eq. Africa Mission; 1887-91, Nasa; 1891, Aug 24 to England; 1892, May 9  to E. Eq. Africa. m. 1892, Mar 22 Medeline [sic] Edith Atkins

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