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Name: DICKINSON, William DCM (Major)

Birth Date: 1873 Tunbridge Wells

First Date: 1910

Profession: KAR

Area: Nairobi

Book Reference: Gillett, Moyse, Red 25, Red 22, HBEA, Rayne, Harmony, Leader14, Red Book 1912, Gazette, North

War Service: Rifle Brigade

General Information:

Red 22 - Major W. Dickinson, 3rd KAR, Kahora, Kiambu AND Major W. Dickinson, 3rd KAR, Nairobi AND W. Dickinson, Nairobi Club, Box 171, Nairobi
Moyse - 1918 - at Narok with KAR, 1919 - appointed to command all troops in NFD.
Red 25 - Secretary - Nairobi Club
Rayne - '..... Long ago, on the recruit's square, Soldier Dickinson taught them that no soldier wearing King George's uniform must ever leave a wounded comrade behind ......... What Soldier Dickinson taught them is their religion, and they will die for it.' 
Member of Lodge Harmony - Joined 3/10/10, age 37, Soldier, Sgt. Maj., Nairobi
Red Book 1912 - W.G. Dickinson - Nairobi
Gazette 15/8/1910 - Arrived on 1st Appointment - Sergeant Major 2 KAR - 2/8/1910
HBEA 1912 - Sergeant Major 3/KAR

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