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Name: DAWSON, Horace Currey

Nee: bro of Cargey Currey Dawson-Currey, Mainwaring Currey Dawson and Ralph George Dawson-Currey

Birth Date: 18 Dec 1894 Toxteth Park, Lancs,

Death Date: 8 Mar 1952 Sotik

First Date: 1913

Last Date: 1953

Profession: Farmer at Sotik and partner with Richard Gethin in 'Gethin and Dawson', a transport business at Kisii

Area: Kisii, Sotik, Thika, Kitale, Soymet Farm Sotik

Married: 1. In Colwyn, Wales 25 July 1928 Alice Mary 'Molly' Batters b. 1904 Sudbury, Suffolk, d. 27 Aug 1929 Nairobi, in childbirth; 2. In Kericho 1.12.1934 Marie Louise Josephine Richards b. 10 Feb 1902 Croydon, d. 24 Apr 1979 Chesham

Children: Ralph George (6 July 1936); John Norman James (17 Apr 1938 Sotik-6 Sep 1956 shooting accident); Edward Horace (6 Nov 1939 Sotik-2006 Harare); Henry Richards; James Robert Quentin (10 Nov 1945)

Book Reference: Willie Hale, Gethin, EA & Rhodesia, Ruiru, Mountains, Gazette, Gillett, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, EAMR, Red 22

War Service: WW1 with EAMR - A Sqdn. 7/8/14 - 11/5/15 - To KAR

School: Loretto

General Information:

Henry Dawson (son): Memorial stone placed in St Francis’ Church, Sotik, October 2007 (also in memory of son, John, died 1956, who is buried next to Horace.) Horace was Killed in a car accident near Kericho in 1952, leaving a wife, Louise and 5 sons (and no more or less money than lots of those farmers of that era).
KAD 1922 has H.C. Dawson, Chania Bridge.
Red 25 - H.C. Dawson, Planter, P.O. Kitale.
Hut - H.C. Dawson 1919 Elmenteita.
Hut - H.C. Dawson 1922 Thika
Gazette 15 Mar 1955 probate
Letter from Morna Hale on behalf of Willie Hale - 30-10-94 - ..... "I was D.O. Kisii [1933?] when Horace was driving the elephants from Lambwe to the Mara. He occasionally came and had a drink with me. On one occasion we heard yelling; this was a lunatic yelling at Dr. Harley-Mason who was sitting on the steps of his house with a shot gun. Horace and I came up behind him - I patted the lunatic on the back, while Horace wound a rope round him and secured him. We then took him to the local prison. Next day he was certified. Next time I met Horace was when we both joined a safari with the Fosters of Kaptagat elephant shooting."
Gethin - 'About 1922 Dawson became known to me. He was farming in Sotik some 35 miles from Kisii, but frequently came to Kisii to shoot elephant. When he was in Kisii he generally stayed with me, giving me help and advice which was most welcome. ......... During 1924 I went on leave to England, leaving Dawson in charge. This arrangement suited us both as Dawson could continue his elephant hunting while I knew there was a reliable person in charge at Kisii. On returning to Kisii during the latter part of 1924, I found Dawson had purchased a Model T Ford one ton truck, which operated between Kisii and Kendu, carrying passengers and goods. ........... Gethin went on leave again in 1927. In 1926 Dawson and his brother Dawson-Curry, became partners and as Dawson was at Voi shooting elephant, his brother took over charge of the business.' ........ '... in July 1924 on returning to Kisii I found a tent pitched in my garden which was occupied by a man named Horace Dawson. He was farming in Sotik and had come to Kisii to see the MO as he was ill with malaria. It was not long before we found we had both been at Loretto School, and Cargey Dawson, who was with me in the 1/3 KAR was his brother. Horace left the tent and stayed with me in the Banda for some days, and I suggested that as he did not seem to be making a go of the farm in Sotik, he might like to run my show in Kisii as I wanted to go home for a bit of leave. Horace jumped at this idea and as he was a very hard worker, and knew all about making bricks and building, I was only too pleased that he should take over during my absence. ................ 1925 - Horace had a nasty accident. While knocking a nail into a box at Kendu the top of the nail broke and a fragment went into his left eye. Horace did not take much notice of this, although it was very painful, when suddenly he went completely blind in that eye. On seeing a doctor he was ordered home immediately for treatment, so left by air, being one of the first passengers to ever fly from Kisumu to the UK. As far as I can remember, Cobham was the pilot. On arrival in London Horace was treated by the King's eye specialist who removed the piece of iron from his eye, but he never recovered the full sight, although he wasn't totally blind in this eye by the time treatment was completed. Before his return  to Kenya, he became engaged to a very nice girl from North Wales. He married her and brought her to his farm in Sotik. They were only married about a year when she died in Nairobi during childbirth.
East Africa & Rhodesia - 27/3/52 - Mr Horace Curry Dawson, who has died as a result of a motor accident in Sotik, Kenya, entered the Colony in 1913. After growing coffee near Thika, he took up land in Sotik, and was at different times also engaged in gold mining and big game hunting. He leaves a widow and 4 children
Mountains - H.W. Tilman - " ……..There was more social life round Sotik than there had been in the Mau Forest, and Tilman made a good friend in another Sotik planter, Horace Dawson. Dawson was more than a planter - he had a number of business interests, including a contract for providing postal services in the region, a fleet of lorries and buses, some ships plying on Lake Victoria, a mill and a garage. Since he too had an able partner he found time for another interest - elephant hunting. ……" Horace Dawson bought Soymet farm Sotik from H.W. Tilman when he left Kenya.
Henry Dawson: See “Snow on the Equator” by H. W Tilman, 1940. Tilman never gave people’s full names, only their initial (‘D’ is my father Horace Dawson) and “High Mountains and Cold Seas” by J.R.L. Anderson, 1980.
Hut - BEADOC - 1931 Kytik Farm SK1 - 1930 partner Gethin
Gazette 22/2/1922 - Dissolution of Partnership between Ernest Walker and Horace Currey Dawson, Planters, Thika known as Walker and Dawson. Horace Currey Dawson retires from the partnership.
Gazette 5/4/1938 - Honorary Game Warden
Gazette - 29/10/1919 - Register of Voters - Ukamba Area - Horace Currey Dawson - Planter, Kegio Chania Bridge
Gazette - 26/9/1923 - Voters Register - Plateau North - Horace Currey Dawson, Farmer, PO Kitale
Gazette 29 July 1952 probate

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