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Name: ATTENBOROUGH, Henry Whiteway 'Harry'

Nee: bro of Frederick Luscombe and John George Attenborough

Birth Date: 10 May 1866 Fletching, Sussex

Death Date: 1940 Brighton

First Date: 1908

Profession: Farmer

Area: Saigo-Soi, Naivasha, Red 25 - H.W. Attenborough, Farm 138c, Saigo-Soy, Honorary Permit Issuer

Married: 1. In Alameda, California 17 Apr 1897 Emma May Loving b. 15 May 1876 New York, d. 7 Oct 1903 San Francisco (prev. m. to Hermann Christian Braunlich 1861-1943); 2. In Alameda 27 Feb 1904 Susie Leathorn b. 1869, d. 7 Dec 1929 Naivasha

Children: Frederick C. (21 Oct 1901 San Francisco-24 July 1902 San Francisco)

Book Reference: Gethin, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, Playne, Land, Red 22, Gazette, Naivasha, Leader14, Red Book 1912, Red 19

School: Charterhouse; Caius Coll., Cambridge

General Information:

Red 25 - Vice-President, Naivasha & District Farmers' Association
Playne - Attenborough Bros. - One of the finest views to be obtained in BEA is at Saigosoi, and estate of 5000 acres by Lake Naivasha, some 14 miles by water and 25 miles by road from Naivasha. The property was bought by Mr H.W. Attenborough and Captain F.L. Attenborough, RN, who came from England in 1908, and has 4 miles of lake frontage that can be easily fenced. One thousand acres bordering the lake are freehold, and are in extent about two and a half miles. The house (with 9 rooms) is built of stone, and has a large verandah, from which the magnificent view of the surrounding country just mentioned is obtained. The house is built on a rock which stands 225 feet above lake level, and has water on 2 sides. The name of the farm is taken from a crater which is full of salt water, situated in the centre of the property, and said to be very good for sheep. There is a 12 h.p. 10-ton launch for transport from Naivasha. The launch is always for hire to settlers round the lake and also to other passengers. It takes 2.5 hours to cross the lake. A small sailing pleasure boat is also kept. Land - H.W. and F. Attenborough leased 8246 acres at Naivasha
Red 22 - Honorary Permit Issuer
Land 1909 - H.W. Attenborough and F. Attenborough - Boat buildings, 2.5 acres - Naivasha Lake - 16/3/09 - Leasehold under Agreement for 2 years, and then lease for 99 years if conditions fulfilled, from 1/1/10 - Registered 8/4/10
Gazette 8 Aug 1933 probate (no death date)
Land - 1911 - H.W. and F. Attenborough - Grazing and agricultural, 8246 acres - Naivasha - 21/9/09 - Leasehold Under Occupation Licence for 2 to 99 years from 1/12/10 - Registered 3/7/11
Gazette - 7/4/15 - Liable for Jury service, Naivasha - H.W. Attenborough (British) Settler, Naivasha
Naivasha - In 1910 Harry Attenborough bought land on the South-West side of the lake, visiting Naivasha once a week by crossing the lake in his steam launch.
Leader14 - Naivasha Farmers Association - President
Red Book 1912 - H.W. Attenborough - Naivasha
Red Book 1912 - President - Naivasha & District Farmers' Association
Gazette - 12/11/1919 - Register of Voters - Rift Valley Area - H.W. Attenborough - Farmer - Naivasha
Red Book 1919 - H W Attenborough - Settler - Saigo Soy, Naivasha
Red Book 1919 - District Committees - Naivasha - H.W. Attenborough
Red Book 1919 - Permit Issuer - Naivasha - Mr H.V. Attenborough, Saigo Soy, Naivasha
Gethin diary - 1911 - Naivasha - Nov. 19 - 'Go over to where the boys are cutting timber with H. Attenborough. Says we are cutting on his land.'  Dec. 22 - 'H. Attenborough and Mrs A. came over for lunch.'
Cambridge Univ Alumni: CAIUS, Oct. 1, 1886. S. of William Frederick (1845), V. of Fletching, Sussex. B. there May 10, 1866. School, Charterhouse. Matric. Michs. 1886. Farming in California in 1898. (Venn, II. 480.)

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