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Name: NICHOLSON, William Hubert

Nee: bro of George Elliott Lambton Nicholson

Birth Date: 1897 Gullane Dirlton, East Lothian,

Death Date: 1958 An Uaimh, Ireland

First Date: 1927

Last Date: 1935

Profession: Farmer. Suffering from TB he arrived in Kenya as an assistant to Claude Wright at Hoey's Bridge and later took up his own farm. He left Kenya permanently in 1934/5

Area: Kilima, Hoey's Bridge

Married: 1927 Olive Frances Sillery b. 1902

Children: John (died as a baby); Doyne; Sandra

Book Reference: EAWL, Nicholson Memoirs, Red 31, Hut

War Service: Northumberland Fusiliers, France 1915-18 badly wounded

General Information:

Source - David Nicholson
Nicholson - While Archie Angus was in England he suggested that Hubert Nicholson join him as the Kenya climate would be much better for his health. Hubert was wounded and gassed and left in a shell hole in WW1, rescued by Canadians and taken to a French Hospital and later developed TB. ..... Hubert bought 'Kilima' (1000 acres of undeveloped land) for £3000, Claude [Wright] giving him 24 hours notice to find the money.
Hubert enjoyed life - he went to Hoey's Bridge, the nearest trading centre, sitting in an armchair in the back of the oxcart. He had a toto to wind up the gramophone and change the records. While on leave in UK in 1927 he married Olive Sillery. ..... Olive and Hubert went on leave to the UK in 1931 and sadly their baby John died on arrival in England from dehydration. He was fed on tins of dried milk purchased in Eldoret - the last two were bad. ....….
Hubert only had work oxen on the farm. Milk was bought from the squatters who were allowed to have their own cattle on the farm but had to do at least 250 days work a year. ..... A 5 ft. spitting cobra was killed in Hubert's house the first year. It was behind the wardrobe and spat at Hubert on the chest. ....... Hubert Nicholson went to live in Ireland in 1935 - Olive inherited a farm there. Hugh Sarre leased Hubert's farm, 'Kilima' from 1935-41. It was managed by Dr Kroll, during the Second World War and later it was sold, half to Lachman, a German Jew and half to George Nicholson.
Gazette  6 Dec 1938 Uasin Gishu Voters Roll expunged - has Herbert

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