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Name: IRVINE, Charles Duncan Alexander 'Sandy' DSC (Commander, RN retd.)

Birth Date: 11.12.1897 Niagara Falls

Death Date: 1987 Winchester

First Date: 1922

Profession: Navy. Tennent family memoirs - farmed at Subukia

Area: Subukia, Solai, Songhor, 1930 Mumias, Lumbwa, 1925 Songhor, 1930 Sossok Est. Songhor. House burnt - lightning

Married: 1 July 1926 Venetia Harriet Lepel Hervey b. 4 Aug 1887 Peninsula, Spain, div. 1952, d. 13 Nov 1970 Bexhill-on-Sea (related to Marquess of Bristol, sister of Charles Granville Hervey)

Children: Elizabeth Hervey 'Sally' (Clay) (24 Sep 1928-4 Feb 2012 Hastings) of Bahati, Nakuru

Book Reference: EAWL, Frampton, Debrett, Hut

War Service: Royal Naval Coll. Osborne, Whippingham

General Information:

Frampton - 1943 - Venetia Irvine's husband Sandy had rejoined the Navy at the outbreak of war and their only child Sally was at a local boarding school. When Sally was a few months old lightning struck their house in Songhor. Venetia just had time to pick up the baby in its cot and carry her out before the whole house went up in flames. All their family furniture and treasures from home had just come out and were lost in the blaze. Venetia just had what she stood up in and nothing else. Sandy was declared bankrupt and like many others went off to the Kakamega goldfields to remake his fortunes.
Hut - 1922 Highland Flax Synd.
Hut - D.A. Ginger 'Sandy' Irvine
Red 22 - D.A. Irvine, Highlands Flax Syndicate, Lumbwa
Hut - D.A. Irvine 1920 Highlands Flax Synd. Kericho.

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