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Name: TUNSTALL, Edith, Mrs

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Nee: Cunningham

Death Date: 3 Feb 1980 Nairobi

Profession: EA Standard newspaper proofreader

Area: Nairobi

Married: 1. Nain; 2. 1957 Alfred Tunstall (1902-1976)

Book Reference: Daphne Ewings

General Information:

Gazette 22 Feb 1980 probate
Daphne Ewings - She was very tall and somewhat elegant in an Edwardian, faded debutante sort of way and seemed to hark back to the twenties in her dress. She was a wild talker and could well have been of Anglo Irish extraction as I seem to remember a family connection with the name of Cunningham. She owned an ancient Austin 7 limousine! A four door creation - one of Austin's more extreme and eccentric models which contrived to encompass all that the great and good could possibly need or expect to be available in say a Rolls Royce. This vehicle was painted bright yellow and Edith careered around Nairobi in it regardless of anything and everything on the road and became known as "The Yellow Peril" and akin to a tourist attraction since, as with sail, all gave way, content in her wake.
Edith was well educated, articulate and erudite. She worked for many years as Proof Reader to the EA Standard Newspaper whose proprietor/editor was Claud Anderson, one of an old settler family some members of which had a farm down in the Rift Valley around Mt. Margaret. When the Legislative Assembly moved from its original and unpretentious quarters in the Memorial Hall, to new posh purpose built premises, advertisements appeared for several posts and one of these was for Proof Reader for what would have been the local 'Hansard'. Edith was staying at the time in the house where I also lodged and at my suggestion she applied for the job and got it much to the benefit of her personal esteem.
A colourful character - a widow in Nairobi.
Gazette 22 Feb 1980 probate

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