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Name: DALY, Stanley Brian

Birth Date: 10 Aug 1904 Durban

First Date: 1937

Profession: Ran a dance band in 1937/38 in which Len Young and Ron Stephens played, having originally been with Sid Zeigler's band. An insurance agent/salesman/accountant

Area: Box 468, Nairobi, 1930 c/o Beales, Smithson, Box 320, Nairobi

Book Reference: Sitrep 2, Red 25, Len Young, Ron Stevens, Red 31, Nicholls

General Information:

Source - Interview with Ron Stevens - 19-9-96
Gazette - Voters List 1936 - Stanley Brian Daly, c/o Smith Mackenzie & Co., Nbi.
Pre-war volunteer to the Kenya Regiment (KR 699).
Gazette 20 Dec 1927 Stanley Brian Daley, c/o Smith Mackenzie - Nairobi Nother voters' list

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