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Name: EDEN, Charles William Guy CMG

Nee: son of Henley Eden

Birth Date: 20 June 1874 Aberdalgie House, Dupplin, Perthshire

Death Date: 21 July 1947 Haslemere

Nationality: British

First Date: 1899

Last Date: 1928

Profession: Administration, Uganda in 1899, and was subsequently PC, Eastern Province. He served in the Protectorate for more than 27 years

Area: Buyaga 1901, Nimule 1903, Uganda

Married: In Masindi 11 Dec 1913 Hilda Marion Barton b. 10 July 1886 Dublin, d. 20 Dec 1971 New Forest, Hants.

Book Reference: Gillett, Lorimer, EAHB 1905, North, EA Diary, Drumkey, Red 22, EAHB 1906, EAHB 1904, EAHB 1907, Gazette, UJ

War Service: Misc.

School: Stephen Hawtrey's School, Windsor

General Information:

EAHB 1905 - Assistant, Treasurer, Uganda Protectorate, Sept. 11th 1899; Assistant Collector, June 19th 1901
EA Diary - Uganda 1903 - Director of Elephant Farm
Red 22 - Jinja
North - Based at Buyaga May 1901; Not much good as an Accountant, to be transferred to Asst. Collector 19-6-1902; 'He is well reported on as a DO and is a very indifferent accountant (Hayes-Sadler, FO 2); appt. Acting Collector, Nimule 27/6/1903; Public Officer's Game Licence, Nimule 10/6/1905
Gazette - 1/2/1906 - departed on leave, Collector left Khartum for England - 12/12/1905 - 6 months' leave
Uganda Journal Vol 14 No 1 p.103 - Note - Mr Eden died in England on 21st July 1947 at the age of 73. He joined the Uganda Government service in 1899 and after many years in the Nile Districts became successively Provincial Commissioner of the Northern and Eastern Provinces retiring in 1928.
Lorimer - 1916? - PC at Masindi
1939 England and Wales Register living with wife in Haslemere

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