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Name: EDWARDS, William Gerald MC (Major)

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Nee: uncle of Gerald Wigram

Birth Date: 1884 Windsor

Death Date: 7 May 1977 Rumuruti

First Date: 1910

Profession: Joined the EAP Administration Service, After WW1 he returned to Provincial Administration and on retirement farmed at Rumuruti. President of the Oxford & Cambridge Society 1944

Area: Farm 540b, Ol Engarua Rumuruti, HBEA 1912 ADC, Taveta, 1913 Naivasha, 1914 Fort Hall

Married: unmarried

Book Reference: Gillett, HBEA, O&C, Mrs Mary Hoey, Dusty, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, EAMR, Red 22, O&C, Burke, Leader14, A.G.D. White, Red Book 1912, Gazette

War Service: WW1 with EAMR - A Sqdn. 7/8/14 - 27/4/15, and later was a Major with 2/3 KAR

School: Oriel College Oxford 1906-10

General Information:

Gazette 6 Dec 1938 Aberdare Voters List
Mary Hoey says - 'Soldier/settler - Not married - Lived in a stone one roomed house with separate bedroom in another hut. Believe he died on the farm and was buried in his compound. He had no garden just an area of beaten ground round his huts. Huts for houseboy, stores etc. A little bit dim so had his leg pulled a lot. Francis, a nephew, came out to live with him but seemed to spend most of his time in the bush. Not a very prepossessing chap. We all felt he was one of the many sent out to the colonies by parents who couldn't think what to do with him when he left school as he had no special bent. Sending difficult teenagers out to the colonies was quite a thing in those days. ..... He was a great nuisance to me.                                                                                         Dusty - Samburu Reunion - veterans of WW1, WW2, Malaya and Mau Mau - the inspiration was ..... that of Gerry Edwards, a Rumuruti beef-baron, an Oriel man, 3rd KAR in WW1, MC. He was the best of old comrades, the most generous of hosts, the loyalest of friends. (His conversation was lent a singular piquancy by an occasional devastating non-sequitur. "Good heavens!" I remarked to him at the Club. "Look at that enormous woman! What's her tonnage?" "My dear boy," he remarked benignly, "I've no idea - she's a Roman Catholic"). Gerry whipped in ex-officers from all over Kenya, the doyen of whom was his commanding officer of 40 years before; Col. Fitzgerald ........…..  
Red 25 - Chairman, Laikipia Farmers' Association
Red 22 - Vice-President, Laikipia Farmers' Association
A.G.D. White - Bert {H.A.D. White} had a troublesome relationship with both the administration and his neighbours at Rumuruti. The latter feuded over grazing; Gerry Edwards took him to court, and Andrew Dykes was frightened of him. Until Bert died Andrew always carried a 'rungu' (cudgel) with him in case Bert had a crack at him.
Red Book 1912 - W.G. Edwards - Malindi - Seyidie Province - Asst. DC at Takaungu
Gazette 1/9/1910 - Arrived on 1st Appointment - Asst. Dist. Commr. - 15/8/1910
Gazette 1/12/1913 - Resigned his position as Asst. Dist. Commissioner from 1/11/1913
Nairobi Club - Honorary Life Member
Red 25 - Honorary Permit Issuer
Gazette - 26/9/1923 - Voters Register - Kenya Province - William Gerald Edwards, Farmer , Rengarua Rumuruti
Gazette 19 Aug 1977 probate

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