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Name: PITMAN, Charles Robert Senhouse CBE, DSO, MC (Capt.)

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Nee: son of C.E. Pitman CIE

Birth Date: 19 Mar 1890 Bombay

Death Date: 18 Sep 1975 Westminster

First Date: 1922

Profession: Late 27th Punjabis, Indian Army. Later Game Warden, Uganda Protectorate. Retired as Game Warden, Uganda in 1950 after 25 years. Distinguished soldier, experienced big game hunter and very knowledgeable naturalist. Herpetologist

Area: Uganda, KAD 1922 - Kitale, 1922 Hoey's Bridge

Married: 1924 Marjorie Fielding Duncan b. 18 Mar 1896, d. 1977 Surrey

Author: 'A Game Warden among his Charges' 1931, 'A Game Warden Takes Stock' 1942, 'A Guide to the Snakes of Uganda' 1938, 'A Report on a Faunal Survey of N. Rhodesia' 1934

Book Reference: Kinloch, Carson, Breath, Debrett, KAD, Red 25, Hut, Colonial, Red 22, Elephant, DSO, Uganda Staff, Chandler

War Service: 27th Punjab Regiment, Lt.-Col.

School: Royal Naval School, Eltham; Blundell's School; RMC Sandhurst

General Information:

Kinloch - Lots more  
Debrett - Captain Indian Army (retired); Game Warden, Uganda 1925-51 (seconded as acting Game Warden, N. Rhodesia 1931-3); European War 1914-18 in Egypt, France, Mesopotamia and Palestine (wounded, despatches twice, MC, DSO) commanded Uganda Defence Force 1941-4
Elephant - In Captain C.R.S. Pitman's excellent annual reports the size and movement of every elephant herd are recorded. Accurate statistics are kept of the number of each sex shot, the weights of every tusk, the amalgamation of herds, the splitting up of others, their increase or decrease in numbers, and observations on any peculiarities seen by Rangers or their Native scouts.
DSO - King's India Cadet (Sandhurst); 2nd Lt. 8/9/09; Lt. 27th Punjabis 8/2/11; Capt. 1/9/15; retired 14/2/21; served in Egypt 1914-15; France 1915; Mesopotamia 1916-18; Palestine 1918-20. He was awarded the MC and his DSO was awarded for a raid by a night below Kut, in Mesopotamia which had to cross a broad river in high flood. Owing to the strong current only 6 of the 12 boats reached their objective, but in spite of reduced numbers and heavy fire he, being in command, reorganized his party and inflicted much damage on the enemy, bringing back 2 trench mortars, motor gun belts and other booty. He was mentioned in Despatches by Sir Percy Lake, and later by Sir Stanley Maude. He is a Member of the Bombay Natural History Society; and a Member of the British Ornithologists' Union.
London Gazette 15/6/17 - For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty when in command of a raiding party. In spite of the most difficult conditions he succeeded in landing and reorganizing his party. He inflicted much damage on the enemy and brought back a trench mortar. It was owing to his coolness and good leading that the object of the raid was achieved and the whole party withdrawn with but few casualties.
Uganda Staff 1938 - Game Warden, originally Asst Game Warden 1925
Chandler - good entry
Gazette 12/4/1922 - Brands Registered during quarter ending 31/3/1922 - Capt. C.R.V. Pitman, Cherangani Estates, PO Hoeys Bridge - G8R
The Times - 22/9/1975 - Obituary - Captain Charles Robert Senhouse Pitman, CBE, DSO, MC Game Warden for the Uganda Protectorate from 1925 to 1951 died on September 18th at the age of 85. Born in Bombay, he was educated at Blundell's School, Tiverton and Sandhurst and served with the Indian Army. He gained his DSO and MC in Mesopoyamia in the First World War.
He resigned his commission in 1921 and thereafter devoted himself to the preservation of wildlife. He was a Swcientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London and a member of many other zoological, ornithological and naturalists' societies and trusts all over the world
In a career of long service as a game warden both in Uganda and Northern Rhodesia where he was seconded for two years he wrote many books on African wild life including A Game Warden among his charges (1931), A Guide to the Snakes of Uganda (1938) and A Gwme Warden takes Stock (1942). He was made a CBE in 1950.
He married in 1924 Marjorie Fielding Duncan.
Gazette - 26/9/1923 - Voters Register - Plateau North - Charles Robert Senhouse Pitman, Farmer PO Hoeys Bridge

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