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Name: ABRUZZI, Duke d', Prince Luigi Amadeo of Savoy

Nee: member of royal house of Savoy, cousin of Italian King Victor Emmanuel III

Birth Date: 29.1.1873 Madrid

Death Date: 18.3.1933 Italian Somaliland

First Date: 1902

Profession: He spent more than 12 years travelling through EA, exploring, studying nature and travelling from village to village, trying to bring a mutual understanding between white and black.

Book Reference: Gillett, Chandler, North

General Information:

Chandler - 1906 he organized an expedition to explore the Ruwenzori mountains. His team included crack veteran mountaineers, scientific experts, porters and askaris. ………… a complete success, on both a mountaineering and a scientific level.
Michael Shandrick and Mirella Tenderini, An Explorer's Life, 1997
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