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Name: KOLB, George 'Kobbe' (Dr.)

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Death Date: 18.9.1899 Nsava, killed by rhino

Nationality: German

First Date: 1894

Last Date: 1899

Profession: Boyes - Met 2 Germans Dr Kolb and a Lieut. out hunting. Dr. Kolb later killed by a rhino and buried on Guaso Nyero, grave marked by a huge heap of stones.

Book Reference: Boyes, Flashlight, White Man, North, Chandler

General Information:

Flashlight - Introduction by Sir. H.H. Johnston - a German who came out to BEA in connection with a Utopian undertaking called 'Freeland', and who, when his political scheme became impossible, applied himself to the reckless slaughter of the big game of BEA. In the course of 2 or 3 years he had slain - for no useful purpose whatever - 150 rhinoceroses (a companion killed 140 more), each one being a far more interesting mammal than himself. At the end of this career of slaughter, a rhinoceros killed him - perhaps appropriately .….    
White Man - 1898 - Delamere marched south from Marsabit to the Guaso Nyiro where they met 2 German naturalists, Dr. Kolb and a companion. Dr. Kolb, when Delamere and Dr. Atkinson were with him, was charged by a rhino and killed.
North - International Freeland Assoc./Trader - Apparently arrived to join Freeland Assoc. but found it had been disbanded in Ukambani at Nov 1894. "Quarrelsome person, addicted to drink, threatening to shoot people" (Ainsworth, FO 403); Joined A. Neumann for expedition to Mt Kenya area Dec 1894-Feb 1895; reached moorland zone of Mt. Kenya 1895; Dep. Zanzibar for Europe 13/3/1896; returned to EA in 1898; Visiting Lutheran Mission Ikutha, Kitui 1899, trading in ivory; d. 18-9-1899, killed by rhino
Chandler - ……………. Some of Kenya's coarser sorts found Dr Kolb's death a proper subject for jokes and wry commentary. The German was well known as a gourmet and purportedly had been very fond of fried rhino liver. Ironically, his penultimate rhino had impaled him directly through that same organ. Some found this accident amusing, others appropriate. Neumann named a lake after him. Harry Johnston wrote that each of Kolb's 150 dead rhino was "a far more interesting mammal than himself."

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