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Name: FAWCUS, William Paul James

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Birth Date: 1863 Paris

Death Date: 28.3.1909 London

First Date: 1904

Profession: Consulting electrical engineer; Lord Hindlip's farming partner in Hindlip & Fawcus, a large block of land at Njoro, more than 160,000 acres

Area: Kishobo, Njoro

Married: In Fulham 5 Feb 1885 Bessie Lillian Matilda Horrell b. 1861 Dartford, d. 6 Nov 1912 Nairobi

Children: Margaret Alice Mary (1885 Keswick-1904); David Derwent James (1883-1942); Arthur Edward Flynn (19.10.1886 Chester-10 Aug 1936 Pagham); Reginald Alfred Flynn (1883 Chiswick-29.11.1942 Nairobi); Donald Duncan Flynn (1890-1981)

Book Reference: Sorrenson, EAWL, John Fawcus, Hut, Playne, Land, Advertiser, North, Barnes

General Information:

SE - W. Fawcus - Limoru - July 1907
Sorrenson - 1907 - The Colonial Office had heard of an attempt by Lord Hindlip to secure by 'dummying' more than the maximum area of land allowed under the regulations. ........ The precedent created in Delamere's case could not be withheld from others. First to make use of it was Lord Hindlip. By judicious use of his wife's name Hindlip acquired 20,000 acres of Crown Land in the highlands by August 1905. Then he started to purchase privately held land in the highlands and, with W.J.P. Fawcus, applied for 200,000 acres in the Tana valley in the names of 20 dummies. The Tana scheme fell through. Source:- John Harold Fawcus
Playne - '.... The Hindlip and Fawcus Estate imported some time ago a thoroughbred English stallion, by name McDonell. On the score of breeding alone he should command attention ........ bred by Lord Cadogan ....….
Playne - Kishobo Farm was taken up. It belongs to the Hindlip and Fawcus Estates Ltd. of which Lord Hindlip and Mr W.J.P. Fawcus were the joint founders. The farm, which extends to 27,000 acres is managed by Mr Derwent Fawcus. It reaches from Njoro Station to Nakuru Station, with 7 miles of frontage on the Nakuru Lake, and the railway borders most parts on the north side. There is a comfortable dwelling-house about 2 miles from Njoro Station, while stables have been built of wood and iron, with cement floors and there are also a number of sheds built with cedar slabs and iron roofs. ........... There is a wattle plantation at Nakuru, of which Mr R. Fawcus is manager.
Land - 1907 - W.P. James Fawcus - Grazing, 5000 acres, Thika River, 23-12-06, Registered 8-8-07
Land 1909 - Mrs B.L.M. Fawcus, Executrix of the late W.P.J. Fawcus - Agricultural and grazing, 3480 acres - Londiani - 18/11/05 - Leasehold for 99 years from 1/1/09 - Registered 1/2/10
Advertiser - 27/11/08 - Nakuru Agricultural Show - donation from - W.P.J. Fawcus
Barnes - Nairobi South Cemetery - Bessie Lilian Matilda Fawcus, died 7 Nov 1912, of Keswick, Scotland, this cross is erected by her sons

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