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Name: WATKINS, Albert William 'Archie'

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Birth Date: 1905

First Date: 1931

Profession: Mechanic for Wilson Airways.

Area: Nairobi

Book Reference: Markham, Red 31, Hut, Aero, Bate, Harmony, Gazette

General Information:

Aero - Archie Watkins, chief mechanic of the Motor Mart and Exchange (Nairobi Branch) took the opportunity of obtaining his Air Ministry Ground Engineers Licences whilst in England. …….. Archie Watkins became Chief Engineer [of Wilson Airways].
Bate - [John Carberry's two Bugattis] - Both cars were attended to by that legendary figure in Kenya's aviation circles, Mr Archie Watkins, a very large and fearsome no-nonsense task master, but engineer par excellence, one of the old school. Finger marks were absolutely taboo on any of Mr Watkins's aeroplanes or beloved engines under pain of a fate far worse than death! He had flown as engineer with the first air mails to Britain in, I believe, Fokkers.
Red 31 has A.W. Watkins, Motor Mart, Nairobi
Member of Lodge Harmony - Initiated 5/11/34, age 29, Mechanical Engineer, Nairobi
Gazette 10 June 1952 - chief engineer, East African Airways

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