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Name: PRUDHOMME, Gabriel Marie Charles Jacques

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Birth Date: 10 June 1899 Granges sur Vologne, France

Death Date: 11 Feb 1945 Cairo

Nationality: French

First Date: 1932

Last Date: 1945

Profession: French pilot, playboy and daredevil from Alsace-Lorraine. He had a reputation as a womaniser based on his flying other men's wives to Nairobi on shopping sprees, returning them to their husbands the same day, having seduced them first

Area: Nanyuki - 'Mawingo'

Married: In London 19 May 1937 Rhoda Lewinsohn née Seligman (div.) b. 17 June 1888 Manhattan, d. 14 May 1978 Santa Barbara, California

Book Reference: Markham, Second Wheel

General Information:

Markham - Lover of Beryl Markham in 1930s
Second Wheel - Mawingo - Mrs Wheeler sold the place to Monsieur and Madame Prudhomme. This time it was a centime-less Frenchman married to another wealthy Californian. They left the old Wheeler menage to their servants and built a type of French chateau out in front - just a few beautiful suites and the necessary reception rooms to go with them. It was all very attractive. Gabriel Prudhomme was quite a sportsman and a likeable man. I [Bunny Allen] played soccer with him on several occasions in Nanyuki. He was very typically French and a high liver. ………. During the war years, Gabriel went off to join the French Forces and was last heard of with the Free French in North Africa. Rumour has it that he met his death as a result of a brawl in a Port Said brothel. This may be, but he died. Madame Prudhomme then sold the chateau to the Block family ……..
Gazette 13 Nov 1945 probate

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