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Name: THRANE, Jorgen Waldemar

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Profession: Farmer

Area: Nanyuki, Forest Farm and then 'Kamwaki', 1966 Rongai

Married: Herssler

Book Reference: Markham, Jack Wright

General Information:

Markham - Jorgen's physique had been enhanced by rowing in Inter-Scandinavian championships, and he rode well and had hunted his own horse. Bold and sensitive, taking everything in at a glance, Jorgen had energy expertise and demands for excellence. Nor would Jorgen give in to Beryl. ...... he was the youngest of six children whose father had farmed. ...... In 1952 he had worked in Kitale on a mixed farm..                Letter from Jack Wright - Owns the ranch previously occupied by Pat Ayre
Markham - 1950s - Beryl Markham introduced Jorgen Thrane to the Normans and Charles Norman gave Thrane half of Forest Farm in exchange for Thrane working it. Norman and Thrane Ltd was founded.
Gazette 8.11.1966 Jorgen Waldemar Thrane gets probate on account of  Elizabeth Thrane, (widow of Olaf Thrane of Rongai who d. 14 Dec 1964 Fredensborg. 
Nat. Probate Calendar, Olaf Johan Thrane d. 14 Dec 1964 at Fredensborg.
Gazette 20 Apr 1967 - anyone who has interest in estate of Olaf Thrane of Rongai who d. 14 Dec 1964...

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