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Name: TURNER ('Auntie')

First Date: 1920

Profession: Receptionist

Area: Nairobi

Book Reference: Safari Trail, Streeter, Nicholls

General Information:

Streeter - Norfolk Hotel - a low stone building. At the front gate grew a tree planted by Roosevelt 15 years before. It was beginning to look old now and somewhat shrivelled ........... On entering the office we were greeted by a lovely, white-haired old lady. She sat behind the desk eating strawberries and cream. - "Aunty"
Nicholls - WW2 soldiers preferred Torr's, where 'Auntie' Turner, an old lady in a long dress, greeted them as they entered.
Safari Trail - 1920 - presiding genius of the Norfolk bar. As hard as the hardest of her customers. I have seen her quell a quarrel with a look from her eyes that could turn to stone at the first sign of trouble.
Is this Ailsa Alice Emily Turner?

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