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Name: WARD, Franklin Vivian

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Birth Date: 1885

Death Date: 9 Apr 1962 Nairobi

First Date: 1930

Profession: Professional hunter

Married: In Thetford 1920 Amy Louisa Lowe d. 29 Nov 1955 Muthaiga

Book Reference: Safari Trail, Carson, Red 31, Kingsley-Heath, Chandler, Web, Max Hutton

War Service: RASC

General Information:

Carson - Lake Rudolf, Loyangalani - met Vivyan Ward, Capt. Ritchie, the Game Warden and Dr. Hassan. A long form lay stretched on a bed seemingly asleep, and this, I was informed, was Pat Ayre. Other members of this very high-powered reconnaisance party, which had come from Marsabit to vary the boundaries of the then Northern Game Reserve, included George Adamson and Mervyn Cowie. ........ Vivyan Ward was master of ceremonies and most successfully did he feed us all with a varied and full menu. .….…
Kingsley-Heath - Captain Vivian Ward - President and founder member of the EAPHA ……. He retired and handed the EAPHA over to Donald Ker. (Deceased).
Web - President of Nairobi Rotary Club - 1933-34
Max Hutton - Member of Kenya's victorious Manning Cup Team - Shooting 1930 - (Captain)
Max Hutton - Member of Kenya's victorious Manning Cup Team - Shooting 1934 - (Captain)
Red 31 has V.F. Ward, Box 881, Nairobi
Safari Trail - Meeting of Professional Hunters' Association in Duke of Aosta's stables in Addis Ababa in 1942 - Philip Percival, as President in the Chair, Pat Ayre, Vivian Ward, Syd Downey, Donald Ker, "Pip" Beverley, T. Murray Smith
Gazette - Voters List 1936 - Capt. F V Ward, Independent Means, Box 881, Nbi and Amy Louisa Ward, Married woman, Box 881
Gazette 3 Jan 1956 wife's probate
Gazette 17 Apr 1962 probate

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