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Name: RUSHBY, George Gilman

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Birth Date: 28 Feb 1900 Nottingham

Death Date: 30 Apr 1969 Simonstown, SA

First Date: 1930

Profession: Game warden and elephant hunter.

Area: Tanganyika

Married: In Mchewe Estate, Tang., 7 Nov 1930 Eleanor Dunbar Leslie b. 7 Nov 1905 Cape Town, d. 13 Feb 1991 Fish Hoek, Western Cape, S. Africa

Children: George 'Mike'; Charmaine A. (1932); four others

Author: No More the Tusker

Book Reference: Kinloch, Rundgren, Long Grass, Morkel, Colonial, Darling, Kingsley-Heath, Chandler

School: Worksop College

General Information:

Kinloch - once had an arresting notice displayed in his ramshackle, dusty little office. In protest at what he felt was a particularly petty and officious HQ reprimand. - "If you want to be ..... a good elephant hunter .... you must not forget ....... to number your paragraphs"!      
Rundgren - hunted elephant in French Equatorial Africa where licences allowed him to kill any number of elephant   
Long Grass - George Rushby, the same fellow that eliminated the Njombe man-eating lions, was thrown 50 ft. - five stories - through the air by a wounded elephant. Picking himself up, he limped back to his rifle and killed the bull with one shot. That takes a sense of humour.
Darling - 1958 - Mara - with them was George Rushby, almost the last of the old-time elephant hunters who crossed and re-crossed Africa in their quest for ivory. Eventually he changed and has actually served as Deputy Game Warden to Gerry [Swynnerton] on his leaves. He certainly has a lot of sense. …..
Kingsley-Heath - Ivory Hunter in the Lado Enclave and friend of Jim Sutherland. Prospector, farmer, game ranger, and deputy chief game ranger, Tanganyika. Most kind and considerate to me [Kingsley-Heath] in the early 1950s. Died at age 80 in South Africa.
Chandler - Rushby was a pilot in the RFC during WW1 and moved to Africa in 1922. Rushby successfully poached  elephant in Mozambique, Tanganyika, Northern Rhodesia and the Belgian Congo in the 1920s and 1930s. He took it easy on Tanganyika because he hoped to retire there some day. ………………… [more] ….. He died in retirement in South Africa.
Colonial - Field Officer, Forest Dept. Tanganyika 1938; Game Ranger 1938; Senior 1948; Dep. Game Warden 1953
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