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Name: ROBINSON, Leonard Mansfield (Commander)

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Birth Date: 21 Mar 1897 Castleford, Yorks

Death Date: ?1969 Dewsbury

First Date: 1928

Profession: Managing director BEA Broadcasting Co - 'Kenya Radio'

Area: Kabete

Married: Hildegarde King b. 26 Nov 1901 Darbhanga, India

Children: Robin Mansfield (1940-1958)

Book Reference: Joelson, Drumkey, Aero, Air, Flight

War Service: Lieutenant, Royal Navy

General Information:

Drumkey 1909 - Railway Dept. - Lake Steamers - Engineer, 2nd - M. Robinson ?
Aero - Vice-President of Aero Club of East Africa - Commander L. Mansfield Robinson, Convenor of Technical Sub-Committee
Air - Royal Aero Club Aviator's Certificate No. 7936 dated 31 Oct 1922 - DH6, Stag Lane Aerodrome Flight - 23 Aug 1928 - Commander L. Mansfield Robinson, accompanied by Mr Graham Dawson, flew from Nairobi to Nanyuki, on June 23, in a DH 'Moth' aeroplane on a short fishing expedition. The machine left Nairobi at 8.55 am and approached Nyeri above the clouds at a height of 11,000 ft. (above sea level). Both Mr Graham Dawson and the pilot stated that there was a wonderful view of the peaks of Kenya and the Aberdare Range standing up out of masses of white clouds below and with a background of vivid blue sky behind. Through the courtesy of Mr Boby of the Nanyuki Polo Club, a smudge fire was burning on the polo ground on which a landing was to be made, and this was clearly seen from a distance of several miles. The wind was inclined to be gusty, but a good landing was made at 10.15 am. The ground was found to be in excellent condition. Commander and Mrs Hook entertained the visitors who managed to obtain some 4 hours fishing as the result of which a fine basket of trout was packed away in the locker of the machine prior to the commencement of the return journey.
After lunch with Commander and Mrs Hook and Captain Kenealy, the machine took off again at 3.5 pm and a landing was made at Nyeri at 3.35 pm. There, again, the polo ground was found to make an excellent aerodrome for light planes. Tea was provided by the members of the club and the visitors then waited to watch one chukker of polo after which the machine took off at 4.5 pm. Nairobi was reached shortly after 5.0 pm in time to allow the passengers in the machine to have a game of tennis before dark, and to be present at the closing performance of the "Gondoliers" in the evening. It is understood that Mr T.A. Wood who, many years ago gave £50 towards the cost of importing trout spawn, made his first meal of these delightful fish in Nairobi as a result of that trip.
Joelson - 1928 - Kabete - ... British EA Broadcasting Company ... 'Kenyaradio' .... Commander Mansfield Robinson, its Managing Director
1939 England and Wales Register living in Portsmouth

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