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Name: CHATER, John Douglas Gibbon DSC

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Birth Date: 28.9.1893 Kensington

Death Date: 24.3.1949 Nanyuki

First Date: 1925

Last Date: 1949

Profession: Manager of Kenya Co-operative Creameries

Area: Nanyuki, Hut has JDG Chater 1920 Farm 879B, Eldoret AND John D.G. Chater 1922 Lolltutu Farm Nanyuki, Manager KCC

Married: In Nairobi 24 Feb 1926 Nancy Eleanor Gwendoline Vernon b. 1906 West Ashford, Kent (dau of Claude Martin Vernon). She died young of septicaemia in Nairobi after being kicked by a cow.

Children: John Peter Gibbon (2 May 1928 Kensington-2002 Southampton); Richard Gibbon (20 Nov 1930 Nanyuki-2006 Merton, London); Anthony Gibbon (27 Nov 1933 Nanyuki-18 Aug 2002 Hay, Herefordshire)

Book Reference: Joelson, Foster, Close, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, Sutton, SS, Web, Paice's Place, Barnes, EAf and Rhodesia

General Information:

Gazette 6 Dec 1938 Aberdare Voters List
Foster has - By 1937 Lt. J.D.G. Chater from Chesham Bois, Bucks (Farm 879), an original soldier settler on the Nanyuki River near the southern boundary of Nanyuki township, had become manager of the KCC Factory at Nanyuki. Nearby to Nanyuki farmers sent their cream in daily by donkey. The Timau farmers sent their cream in by lorry each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Timau Stores provided the collecting point.   
Close - 1922 - ..... a neighbour of Major Armstrong came down to see him, Mr Chater by name of the Royal Navy, who in fact was managing the Major's farm during his absence. ...... He arranged a safari for Etta Close with a Dutchman, Mr Trout  
Red 25 - J.D. Chater, Lollutu Farm, Nanyuki - Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Nanyuki Association
Nanyuki cemetery - John Douglas Gibbon Chater - born 28-9-1893, died 24-3-1949. Plot F8
Sutton - 1924 - Major S. Armstrong's ranch, Nanyuki - The Major's Farm Manager was an English lad by the name of J.D. Chater, and a splendid and capable young chap.
Soldier Settlement Scheme after WW1 - Class B - Lieut. J.D.G. Chater, DSC, RNR, The Caboose, Chesham Bois, Bucks - Farm 879
Paice's Place - settlers at Nanyuki. There were plenty of working farmers even among the ranks of the soldier settlers. J.D. Chater, for example, had been a Commander in the Royal Navy in the First World War, but he had also spent 5 years before the war as a dairy farmer in New Zealand. Settlers with experience in the Dominions supplied white Kenya with much of its agricultural expertise. Chater was Chairman of the Nanyuki Creamery, acted as Honorary Secretary to the Stockbreeders' Association, and would later be Secretary to the KFA.
Joelson - 1928 - Nanyuki Cooperative Creamery Ltd. inaugurated in 1928, the capital being raised entirely among the cattle owners of the district. Mr J.L [sic] Chater is the Managing Director.
Red 31 has J.D.G. Chater, Lolltutu Farm, Nanyuki
East Africa & Rhodesia - 3/4/1952 - Among the candidates accepted for entry to the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, is Mr A.G. Chater, son of the late Douglas Chater, who was for many years general manager of Kenya Co-operative Creameries Ltd.
Red 22 - J.D. Charter [sic], Nanyuki
Gazette 26/9/1923 - Voters Register - Kenya Province - John Douglas Gibbon Charter [sic], Farmer PO Nanyuki

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