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Name: ENNIS, George Francis McDaniel

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Birth Date: 14 Nov 1868 Battersea

Death Date: 22.12.1933 Uitenhage, S. Africa

Nationality: British

First Date: 1897

Profession: 1899 appointed an Asst. Judge in Zanzibar, later being transferred to EA where he was Town Magistrate at Mombasa in 1900. Subsequently he was Legal Vice-Consul, Uganda Protectorate, a Judge of the High Court of Uganda

Area: Zanzibar, Mombasa, Uganda, EAHB 1905 - H.M. Judge, Entebbe

Married: In Mombasa 14.11.1904 Ethel Kirkland (American from Chicago) b. 1878 Chicago, d. 1958

Children: George Theodore (24.11.1905 Entebbe-1934)

Book Reference: Gillett, EAHB 1905, EA Diary, Drumkey, EAS, EAHB 1906, UJ, North, EAHB 1904, EAHB 1907, Leader14

School: King's College School and privately, called to Bar at the Middle Temple in 1892. London Univ.

General Information:

He had a very distinguished career in North Borneo where he became a Judge of the Chief Court and Acting Resident at Alcock. He then resigned. Eventually he became a Judge of HM Court of Appeal for EA. 
EAHB 1905 - Secretary to the Governor, British North Borneo, and Labuan Dec. 24th 1894; Judge of the General Court, Labuan 1895; Judge of the Chief Court, British N. Borneo, Aug 14th 1895; Acting Resident, Province Alcock, British N. Borneo Dec. 13th 1895; resigned Oct. 1897; Acting Asst. Judge, Zanzibar, May 18th to July 7th and Aug. 1st to Oct. 24th 1899; Registrar, EAP, Oct. 1st 1899; Town Magistrate, Mombasa, EAP, July 20th 1900; Acting Judge, EAP, Sept. 6th 1900; Acting Asst. Judge, Zanzibar, Jan 25th 1901; Legal Vice-Consul, Uganda Protectorate, Jan 1st 1902; Judge of HM High Court of Uganda, Aug 11th 1902, and Judge of H.B.M. Court of Appeal for Eastern Africa
EAS - 22/1/1903 - His Honour Judge Ennis returned to Entebbe on 14th
Uganda Journal - Vol 22, p. 186 - Group photograph of Uganda officials November 1907.
Gazette - 15-12-1905 - Birth - on 24th November at Entebbe, Uganda the wife of His Honour Judge G.F.M. Ennis - of a son

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