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Name: ESPIE, Henry Pattullo AICAA

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Birth Date: 26.10.1867 Edinburgh

Death Date: 11.11.1926 Lanzie, Scotland

First Date: 1891

Last Date: 1926

Profession: Entered the service of the IBEA Co. as Asst Chief Accountant in 1891, transferred to the EAP as the first Asst. Treasurer in 1895, became Deputy Treasurer in 1903, and Treasurer in 1915. A Member of Legco and Executive Councils

Area: Nairobi, Mombasa

Married: In Zanzibar 16.6.1898 Christina Miller Dunlop b. 1867 Glasgow, d. Lenzie 6.6.1951

Book Reference: Gillett, HBEA, Cuckoo, EAHB 1905, EAS, North, Playne, EA Diary 1903, Drumkey, EAS, EAHB 1906, Gazette, EA Diary 1902, EAHB 1904, EAHB 1907, Leader14, Red Book 1912, Red 19

School: Glasgow Academy, Assoc. Chartered Inst. of Accountants and Actuaries, Glasgow, Apr. 1891

General Information:

Both he and his wife were staunch supporters of St. Andrew's Church, Nairobi  
EAHB 1905 - IBEA Co. General Africa Staff - appointed 2nd July 1891. Asst. Chief Accountant, IBEA Co. 1891; First Asst. Treasurer, July 1895; Acting Financial Member and Secretary of Council, EAP, Apr. 1896 to March 1897; Acting Treasurer, Feb. to June 1897, Apr. to Aug. 1899, July to Nov. 1901; Deputy Treasurer, April 1st 1903, Visiting Justice, Mombasa Jail.
The African Standard - 26-2-1903 - Provided the reception for the wedding of H.R. Phelips and Miss J. Edith Lambe, at Mr Bowring's house. ........ Mrs Espie ...... had an At Home at the Sports Club Grounds in the afternoon, which was largely attended, amongst those present being Sir Charles Eliot, KCMG, Sir John Kirk ..... and Mr Rawson, General Manager of the Railway. Mrs Espie, admirably assisted by Mr H.P. Espie, was indefatigable, and everyone agreed that this was an intensely pleasant ending to a very happy day.
Playne - Mr Espie, who has been in EA longer than most of the present officials, is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Accountants and Actuaries (Glasgow, 1891). Like several of his colleagues in the service of the Govt. of BEA, he was born in Edinburgh on October 26, 1867, and educated at Glasgow Academy. Mr Espie has been in EA since August 4, 1891. He was appointed to the post he now holds of Deputy Treasurer, EAP, on July 1, 1895. Mr Espie was with Messrs. Moores, Carson, and Watson, CA, Glasgow, up to 1891, and Asst. Chief Accountant to the IBEA Co. 1891 to 1895.
Drumkey 1909 - Treasury Department - Deputy Treasurer, Mombasa
Drumkey 1909 - Church Warden, Mombasa
EAS - 15/1/1903 - Mr H.P. Espie of the Treasury came down from Nairobi on Tuesday, Mrs Espie follows shortly.
EAS - 15/1/1903 - Mr H. Espie, Asst. Treasurer has returned to Mombasa to take up his duties at the coast.
Gazette - Issued with Bird Licence at Mombasa during semester ending 30/6/1902
North - 'An extremely slow worker' (C.C. Bowring, CO 533)
EA Diary 1902 - Listed as Treasury
EA Diary 1903 - Assistant Chief Accountant Imperial British East Africa Company 1891; First Assistant Treasurer July 1895; Acting Financial Member and Secretary of Council, April 1896 to March 1897; Acting Treasurer, Feb to June 1897; April to August 1899, July to Nov 1901; Acting Secretary of Council Feb to Nov 1901
Red Book 1912 - H.P. Espie - Nairobi - Treasury Dept - Deputy Treasurer
Red Book 1912 - Hon Treasurer, Nairobi YMCA
Red Book 1912 - Committee Member of the EA Nursing Association - Mrs Espie
Gazette - 25/5/1927 - Probate and Administration - H.P. Espie who died in Scotland on 11 November 1926

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