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Name: TATTERSALL, Frank Oliver

Birth Date: 30 Mar 1878 Heywood, Lancs.

Death Date: 4 Feb 1958 Nairobi

First Date: 1905

Profession: Planter

Area: Bura, Serengeti Plains

Married: Annie

Book Reference: Kenya Diary, Land, EAHB 1906, North, Barnes

War Service: Boer War Imperial Yeomanry

General Information:

Kenya Diary - Apr. 1906 - Bura, Serengeti Plains - met one Pattison, a local planter ....... Pattison employs 3 Europeans on his estate - an Italian, a German, and an Englishman called Edgell. This latter fellow has just got into trouble with the German authorities over the border and is now on bail from Moshi. They treated him badly, for he was arrested by black soldiers and marched with handcuffs through native villages. His offence was that he had omitted to pay land tax. Edgell therefore hates the Germans. .........…
Pattison has been unlucky in losing one of his partners, a man called Tattersall. He recently went off his head, a common occurrence due to the climate, shot 2 policemen and tried to shoot Collyer's servant. He is now lodged in Mombasa gaol awaiting trial.
W.A. Kempe Diary In Ap. 06 . Tattersall ran amok shot at several niggers, killed one askari & wounded another. Verdict brought in of insanity owing to drink 18.7.06. He was sent home under supervision & jumped overboard in the Red Sea.
Land - 1906 - Pattison and Tattersall - Agricultural, 640 acres, Bura, 7-2-04, Free Grant, Registered 13-11-06
North - Firearm registered Mombasa on way to Teita 14/4/1905; Landholder's Game Licence Seyidie Province 22/6/1905; based at Bura 15/7/1905
Barnes - Nairobi City Park Cemetery - Frank Tatersall [sic] died 4 Feb 1958 aged 49
Gazette 25 Mar 1958 probate

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