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Name: WATSON, Douglas Denovan

Nee: son of Andrew Macrae Watson

Birth Date: 1930 Nairobi

Death Date: Apr 2001 Gilgil

First Date: 1930

Profession: Farmer

Area: Embakasi, Nairobi

Married: 1995 Mrs Hazel Irene Munn, formerly Mrs Woods

Book Reference: EAWL, Hut, mini-Sitrep XXI

War Service: Kenya Regiment Sniper section in Mau Mau Emergency

School: Parklands Primary School, Prince of Wales School, Nairobi

General Information:

Andrew Macrae Watson's fourth son, Doug, then in his 20s [in 1950], who had joined his father, decided to start the farming activities all over again on the remaining Athi side of the land and with his own hands built a homestead also named Braemar. He created a home for his parents and Elizabeth his grandmother. In the early 70s the remaining land was acquired by the government for the extension of the airport. Andrew died in his 90th year in 1972. Doug became the only member of the Watson family remaining in Kenya where he lived quietly.

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