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Name: EVANS, William CMG

Nee: bro of Sidney Gerald, Ernest, Charles and Samuel Evans

Birth Date: 1882 Stanton Long, Shropshire

Death Date: 13 July 1964 Rongai

Nationality: British

First Date: 1906

Last Date: 1956

Profession: Well known in the Molo and Rongai areas where he established farms before WW1

Area: Molo and Rongai areas, Nakuru, 1930 Londiani, 1910 Shieling, Florida Farm

Married: Edith Jones

Children: Edith Mary (d. 1935) (m. Hugh Stewart Smith); Robert (d. 23 June 1936 aged 9 mths)

Book Reference: Gillett, Last Chance, KFA, Gethin, KAD, Red 25, EAWL, Debrett, Red 31, Hut, Macmillan, Red 22, Pioneers, Leader14, Rift Valley, Barnes

General Information:

In practical farming he contributed much to the production of the cereals he considered suitable to grow in EA and also took a leading part in various Agricultural organisations in Kenya. He travelled extensively, promoting the welfare of Kenya in other countries. He always maintained that Kenya is primarily an agricultural country 
Last Chance - (1948) - Will Evans is an ex-trooper from the Boer War, who, wounded, started to walk all the way up to Kenya from the Cape. He has a grand disregard for time or distance or most restrictive regulations. He took me out on his farm at Rongai and introduced me to the two black "boys" who had carried his blankets up from the Coast 43 years before .......... he has a face which itself tells you he has borne "the heat of the day." High cheek-boned, heavy browed, with iron-grey hair and about as kindly a smile as ever a man could show. ........... He is now ranching 1500 high-grade Ayrshires and Frisians on 6000 acres, only 4 acres to a beast - which is an achievement in that Colony.  (more pp.58-61)   
Gethin - 1911 - 'I [Gethin] did not like the set up at Molo. Two new hands had arrived from England, professional farmers who had brought out pedigree stock for Cobb. They were Will and Sid Evans, who were typical English farmers from the South of England. It was obvious they were not getting on with Cobb, and looked on his farming methods as a huge joke, which naturally annoyed Cobb. …'
Obituary - Mr Will Evans, who emigrated from South Shropshire in 1906 to EA and became the first President of the Kenya National Farmers' Union, has died. He was 83. He first went to Africa, at the age of 19, to fight in the Boer War with the Shropshire Yeomanry. He also served in the First World War with the Army Service Corps. Mr Evans married the daughter of a neighbouring Shropshire farmer, Edith Jones. Their son died at the age of 18 and their daughter who married in Kenya, died in the Nakuru War Memorial Hospital. He is survived by his widow, his grandson (Mr W. Smith) and brothers and a sister. Mr Evans farmed more than 5,000 acres in Kenya.
Letter from Mrs Hilda Evans - 'Evans Bros. Four brothers farmed 20,000 acres sold in 1925 for £8 per acre approx. Will Evans - patron and former president of the Kenya National Farmers' Union. Of farming stock, he went to Kenya after serving in the Boer War - as Lord Methuen's 'galloper'. He was a young man with a lot of drive, vision and confidence in the future. He worked as a farm assistant at Keringet 1909 - sheared 2,500 sheep in 7 weeks, giving over 3 tons of wool - 27 merinos in 3 1/2 hours. Resident magistrate at Rongai for many years. He was governing committee President of the Nakuru War Memorial Hospital and it was due to his efforts that the hospital was built. In the Memorial Hall, Nairobi, is a portrait of Will Evans, painted by Mrs Joyce Butters. It may have been moved elsewhere now. He promoted business projects for farmers ie. Elliot's Bakeries Ltd. and Uplands Bacon factory. He held the CMG and had the admiration of countless folk - farmers, officials, businessmen and politicians - 'Will Evans', they said, 'was Kenya's best ambassador. Such men made Kenya.' He died in 1956
Macmillan - 1930 - Director of East African Estates Ltd., - ….. The Highlands property  has been assigned to a new company - Evans Brothers (Kenya) Ltd. Formed in Kenya Colony. Two of the Directors of East African Estates Ltd. Have seats on the board of the new company, with Colonel Tucker as its Chairman.. The new company has also acquired the assets and goodwill of the highly successful maize estates hitherto carried on in the Nakuru District by members of the well known family of Evans; and energetic efforts are being meade towards bringing under cultivation large areas of the recently acquired Highlands property, as well as the undeveloped portion of the property from Evans Brothers.
Pioneers - Londiani & Mau Summit - ….. Will Evans and his brother Sam pioneered in mixed farming …
Rift Valley - Member of the Rift Valley Sports Club - Jan 1929 - Elected - 1910 - W. Evans
Gazette - 3/12/1919 - Register of Voters - Rift Valley Area - William Evans - Farmer - Nakuru
Barnes - Nakuru North Cemetery - William Evans CMG - 1882-1964
Red 25 - W. Evans, Florida Farm, Nakuru.
Debrett - Dir. of EA Estates
Barnes Nakuru North cem in loving memory of / Edith Mary / wife of H S Smith, Londiani / daughter of / William? and Edith Evans of ? / died Sep 25 1935 / aged 24 years / also our son / Robert / died June 23 1936 / aged 9 months
Gazette 9 Mar 1965 probate

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