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Name: ALEXANDER, John Barrie

Birth Date: 6 June 1922 Birmingham

Death Date: 5 Sep 1989 Kenya, murdered

First Date: 1930

Profession: Hunter, teacher

Area: Voi, Nanyuki, Karen

Married: 1. In Oxford 1949 Celia W. Nowell Smith b. 3 Oct 1922 Sherborne, d. 2000 Somerset ; 2. Fiona; 3. ? (Swiss)

Children: 1. two sons, three dau.

Book Reference: Sundown, Hut, Pembroke, Tom Lawrence

General Information:

Sundown - After resigning from game Dept. became a professional hunter. ........... At time of filming of 'Trader Horn' (1930) was at Voi in those days as a junior officer in the Colonial Service.
Pembroke - Chris Wilson wrote - " …. John Alexander had his sports car, a different girl every night, Men Only magazines for House Nights, and a low handicap at golf - all the things that seemed important. Unfortunately he also taught Maths rather too well for our liking. …. "
Sundown - 1959 resigned as a game warden - he had been a splendid warden. He was dedicated, hard working and a brilliant rock climber, besides being a talented engineer, builder and surveyor, and very knowledgeable about plant life. Professional hunter.

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