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Name: DAWSON, James Francis

Nee: bro of John Alexander Dawson b. 1889

Birth Date: 20 July 1893 Scotland

Death Date: 15 Oct 1949 Limuru

First Date: 1925

Profession: Pioneer sheep farmer

Area: Kenton Estates, Naivasha

Married: Robina Storey Riddell b. 1889 Eccles, d. 1953 Kenya

Children: Peter (19 Mar 1918-1997); John 'Jock' Alexander (3 Oct 1919 Scotland-2004); James Francis Kenton (17 June 1928 Scotland-2001)

Book Reference: Bovill, Red 25, Red 31, Women 1/96, Hut, Stud, Bur

General Information:

Women 1/96 - Article by Enid Dawson - ........... As a result of Andrew Dick's interest in the country his brother-in-law bought land as soon as it was available in 1903. This land was on the Kinangop and by 1906 Andrew Dick's nephew, John Dawson, had arrived to develop the four farms that comprised Kenton Estates: Fortuna, Heddon, Kijabe Hill and Karati (or Kenton Farm), but the 1914 war saw John Dawson enlisting in the EAMR and he was killed in the ambush at Seki Waterhole. John's brother then came out from Scotland in 1920, closely followed by his wife and 2 children with another child appearing some years later on. Of this family the middle boy, John Alexander Dawson (better known as 'Jock') is still in Kenya with grandchildren here making the Fifth generation of the family in the country. This is possibly the European family with the longest record in Kenya.
EA Stud Book 1954 - Brood Mares - Thoroughbred - Breeders - J.F. Dawson
James Francis Kenton Dawson - KR 4849
Nairobi City Park Burial Register - James Francis Dawson, age 56, died 15/10/49
Red 25 - Honorary Permit Issuer.
Hut - manager Block's farm at Kijabe in 1949
Gazette 17 Jan 1950 probate

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