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Name: TULLOCH, Richard Murray Gregorie DSO (Lieut.-Col.)

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Nee: youngest of 5 sons of Gen. Sir Bruce Tulloch KCB, CMG

Birth Date: 20 May 1878 Portsea Island, Hants.

Death Date: 9 July 1954 Nairobi

Profession: Ex-army, emigrated to Kenya in late 1920s

Married: 1916 Eleanor Margaret Corrie b. 19 May 1879 Kingsworthy, Hants., d. 12 Aug 1955 Kenya

Children: Arabella Caroline Victoria

Book Reference: Ione, Stoneham - Mau, Web, DSO

War Service: Royal West Kent Regiment in Boer War

General Information:

Stoneham - Mau - Kabete - Col. & Mrs Tulloch lived in a house on the Lower Kabete Road, a lonely place surrounded by bush and trees. The couple were over 70. At 8 o'clock that night they prepared to take supper in the bedroom, as their custom was. At the time there were 5 Africans in the house: servants and visitors whom the Colonel permitted. 5 men made the attack. They rushed through the kitchen into the house and into the bedroom. Col. Tulloch had taken his supper and got into bed. This was bad luck, for the mosquito net prevented his reaching his revolver. He was struck several times and badly injured. The natives in the house made no attempt to protect the white people. Had they been Nandi or Kipsigi they would have fought, but being Kikuyu they simply bolted. One was knocked out in the kitchen, another preceded the robbers into his master's bedroom and dived for safety under the bed, a third fled to the servants' quarters. An ayah ran into another bedroom and locked the door.
Thinking the intruder's purpose to be purely robbery, the Colonel told them: "Take these 3 boxes and go; there is money in them." Actually they contained £30 in cash. While they ransacked the house he managed to struggle to the telephone and dial 999. This system had lately been introduced in Nairobi, in imitation of London, and in  response to the call a KPR car set out for the house in the Lower Kabete Road, but it would take some time to reach it. Meanwhile the thieves took all they could carry and prepared to leave. Before doing so one of them struck Mrs Tulloch across the face with a panga, severing her nose.
Web DNW - In the later 1920s he emigrated to Kenya. On 9 October 1952 he and his wife were attacked in their home at Kinankop [sic] 10 miles from Nairobi [sic], situated on the edge of the Kikuyu Reserve, by a gang of 5 Africans armed with long knives - Col. Tulloch being killed in the attack. ….. [incorrect]
Gazette 11 Oct 1955 probate of both husband and wife
1939 England and Wales Register living in Chester with wife
Nat Probate Calendar

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