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Name: WILHELM, Julius (Dr.)

Birth Date: 1862

Nationality: Austrian

First Date: 1894

Last Date: 1895

Profession: International Freeland Assoc. - Chemist, aged 32 - Leader of British section

Area: Lamu

Book Reference: Freeland, North

General Information:

See also Scavenius “Dr. Wilhelm was pretty young, weak and red-nosed, with a morbid anxiety about women,” Scavenius writes. “He was devoid of the most important ability for a leader: to take the initiative when the situation demanded it.” But he had “fanatical enthusiasm,” and, more importantly, “11,000 marks.” Scavenius took an immediate dislike to him because upon arrival in Lamu, Wilhelm retired to his study to catch up on his correspondence instead of fraternizing with the expedition, though his correspondence was directed at a desperate attempt to drum up enough funds for them to progress to the interior. Then the seasonal rains came.

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