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Name: KAMINSKI, Stan

image of individual

First Date: 1950s

Profession: Livestock officer, in charge of the ALMO Holding Ground at Kirimon ...... an expert cattleman .... he had also learned the hard way ...... having been deported in 1939, as a 13 year-old boy, from Poland to a ranch in Siberia

Area: Isiolo

Book Reference: Dusty

General Information:

Dusty - He had Herculean strength and, luckily for us all, a sense of humour. Once at a Club party he pulled an iron bar out of the window and casually twisted it round Nick [Carter]'s waist, binding Nick's arms to his side. "Ho! ho! ho!" he shook with gargantuan mirth. "Nick, you are the funniest bloddy sight I ever see! No, I'm not taking it off: you take it off yourself, man." We heaved at the bar, we laid Nick on the floor, wedged one end of it and all strained at the other; while Nick cursed Stan, who sat imbibing whisky and smiling benignly at the performance. Finally Nick had to be taken to the garage and released with a hacksaw.
Ancestry Passenger list 1948 Bronislaw (18) and Albina (13) travel with Wikteria Kaminski (47) frm Mombasa to S'hampton
There is also a Kazierma Kaminska b. 1928 and a Teresa b. 1939 and a Halina b. 1927 and a Janina b. 1928

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