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Name: KOENIG, Oskar

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Birth Date: 1896 Leipzig

Nationality: German

First Date: 1928

Profession: Professional hunter

Area: Tanganyika

Author: 'Pori Tupu' (1954), 'The Masai Story' (1955)

Book Reference: Pori Tupu, Chandler

School: Leipzig (Johann Sebastian Bach's School) and Berlin

General Information:

Pori Tupu - he was going to Oxford University in 1914, but war intervened. From 1914-18 served with German Army in Flanders, France and Russia and received the Iron Cross First Class. After WW1 he studied and practised agriculture in Germany for several years before going to EA. Gave up active hunting in 1952 - for 25 years the only German professional hunter in Tanganyika. 12 years an Hon. Game Ranger in Tanganyika.

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