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Name: PRATLEY, Alfred Frederick

Birth Date: 1867

Death Date: 16.3.1892 Kisokwe

Nationality: British

First Date: 1888

Last Date: 1892

Profession: CMS Missionary at Kisokwe

Area: Kisokwe

Book Reference: Tucker, North, CMS

General Information:

CMS 1888 - Age 21. Of Cheltenham. Printer. 1887, Apr 5, Prep Instn. 1888, Jan 1 to E. Eq. Africa Mission - Frere Town Press; 1890, Feb 3 to England on completion of engagement; June-Nov, CM Coll. 1891, Nov 23 to E. Eq. Africa . 1892, Mar 16, died at Kisokwe.
North - Printer; in charge of Freretown Press; dep. for England at end of engagement 3/2/1890; dep. London for EA 23/11/1891

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