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Name: WILSON, Allen (Rev.)

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Birth Date: 24.1.1867 Leap, Cork

Death Date: 11.8.1955 Eastbourne

Nationality: British

First Date: 1895

Last Date: 1924

Profession: CMS Missionary - arrived to go to Uganda in July 1895

Area: Kamiti, Uganda

Married: 1. In Dunmanway, Ireland 16.4.1906 Mary Alice Jennings b. 4 Aug 1875 Cork, d. 14.5.1913 Torquay 2. 1914 Vera Margaret Rowe b. 14 Dec 1877 Plumstead

Children: William Allen Jennings (Namirembe 8.9.1907); Cyril Godfrey Allen (Namirembe 3.4.1909 Kainuga, Busola, Uganda); Kathleen M. (1912 Newton Abbot); Owen Stanley (13 Oct 1915 Uganda-2003); Margaret Vera (1 Apr 1917 Namirembe-2012); Olive Rowena (16 Apr 1920 Norfolk-1991)

Book Reference: Tucker, EAHB 1905, Hall, North, EA & Rhodesia, Drumkey, BEA, EAHB 1906, UJ, CMS, EAHB 1904, EAHB 1907

General Information:

EAHB 1905 - CMS, Kamiti, Uganda - also shown as at Kamuli, Ankole
Hall - Missionaries at Mombasa photo 1895
North - From Leap, Co. Cork; aged 28 dep. for EA 18/5/1895; arr. Kampala 1/10/1895; Iganga, Busoga; volunteered to help troops during Sudanese mutiny, dep. Kampala for Luba's 31/11/1897; at Kampala by 3/2/1898, returned to Iganga April 1898; home leave 1900/1; Ordained Deacon 25/7/1901; Kamuli, Busoga; Ordained Priest 7/6/1903
East Africa & Rhodesia - 18/8/55 - …. Resigned from the mission in Uganda in 1912 owing to the illness of his first wife. After her death in the next year, he re-entered the mission and returned to Uganda where he continued to serve until 1924. He retired from the mission two years later. He had remarried in 1914.
Drumkey 1909 - CMS Uganda - Kamuli, Usoga
Uganda Journal - Vol 20 (1956), 210 - The Wilsons of early Uganda by H.B. Thomas - The Rev Allen Wilson was a layman member of Bishop Tucker's 1895 Uganda party which included the first ladies for the Uganda mission. They reached Kampala 4 October 1895. Almost all his service was spent in Busoga. He was soon posted to Chief Miro's in northern Kigulu where a station had been established by the Rev. W.A. Crabtree towards the end of 1894; and when, in 1897, Miro moved his headquarters south to Iganga, it was decided to follow him with the mission station. Allen Wilson should be held in remembrance for the devotion with which he maintained his position year after year, often single-handed, in what was at the time accounted the most unhealthy country inhabited by the most unresponsive people in the whole of Uganda. In October 1897 the Sudanese mutineers retreating from the Ravine station passed to the south of Iganga and occupied Luba's Fort. For awhile it was thought in England that it was he and not Norman Wilson who had been murdered. Allen Wilson was among the missionaries who helped with the wounded at the siege of Luba's. He is mentioned in despatches (Blue Book. Africa No. 1 (1899), p.11); and received the 'Uganda Mutiny' medal with two clasps (UJ 10 (1946), 147). In May 1900 he handed over Iganga to the Rev. S.R. Skeens who tells something of the conditions then prevailing in UJ 4 (1936-7), 190-3. Ordained in 1901 he continued to work in Busoga, and from his station at Kamuli he took his share in the famine relief measures in 1908. He was Rural Dean in Busoga from 1916 to 1925 when he retired. His later years were spent in parochial livings in his native Southern Ireland and at Finningham, Suffolk. He died at Eastbourne 11 August 1955, aged 88.
CMS 1895 - Age 28. Of Corron, Leap, Co. Cork. In service of Irish Church Colportage Mission. 1893 Prep. Instn.; 1894 CM Coll.; 1895 April 2 Accepted as Missionary CMS; May 18 Depart for Uganda Mission via the Cape - Busoga - Iganga; 1900 Aug 1 to England; 1900 CM Coll.; 1901 July 25 Deacon and 1903 June 7 Priest by Bp. Uganda; 1901 Sept 29 to Busoga - Kamuli
Tucker - at Busoga in Aut. 1896. ..... left behind at Luba's, commenced that work which so bravely and successfully he has carried forward up to the present time [1908]

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