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Name: PENNANT, George Henry Douglas, Hon. (Capt.)

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Nee: 2nd son of George Sholto Gordon, 2nd Baron Penrhyn

Birth Date: 26 Aug 1876 Torquay

Death Date: 11 Mar 1915 Neuve Chapelle , on active service

First Date: 1909

Profession: Soldier of the British Army, Grenadier Guards. Met by Roosevelt in Nairobi

Married: ?Rosemary June d.1946

Book Reference: Roosevelt, North, Chandler, Gazette

War Service: Boer War, WW1 - Grenadier Guards

General Information:

Roosevelt - he went South to the Sotik. There he made a fine bag of lions; but, having wounded a leopard and followed it into cover; it suddenly sprang on him, apparenmtly from a tree. His life was saved by his Somali gunbearer, who blew out the leopard's brains as it bore him to the ground, so that it had time to make only one bite; but this bite just missed crushing in the skull, broke the jaw, tore off one ear, and caused ghastly wreck. He spent some weeks in the hospital at Nairobi, and then went for further treatment to England, his place in the hospital being taken by another man who had been injured by a leopard.
North - Settler's Game Licence 7/5/1904
Gazette 7/6/1922 - National Bank of India give Notice that the following amount of money held by them has been unclaimed for ten years - Penant, Capt. G.H. Douglas - Shs 395-24
Gazette - 10/6/1925 - Probate and Administration - Capt The Hon George Henry Douglas Pennant who was killed in action on 11 March 1915
Gazette 8 June 1948 probate for Rosemary June Douglas Pennant of Endebess who d. London 13 June 1946

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