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Name: ZIEGLER, Sydney

Nee: relative of Sigismund, Annie, Bernard and Jessie

First Date: 1922

Profession: Musician

Area: Box 294, Nairobi

Book Reference: Mischief, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Glimpses

General Information:

Red 22 - Mrs Ziegler (Cleaning and Dyeing) Government Rd., Box 294, Nairobi - Laundries & Dry Cleaners
Glimpses - In 1928 Colonel Grogan opened his palatial red-brick Torr's Hotel, its 5 storeys towering over the Theatre Royal building almost next door. Grogan was determined to make it "the Carlton of East Africa" - which meant importing a whole live 5-man band from London. The leader, one of the two saxophonists, was Sid Ziegler and the percussionist was a young Jew named Micky Migdoll.
Mischief - brought his band to Muthaiga on Saturday nights (1928).
KAD 1922 - Dry Cleaner and Dyer

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