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Name: RAMSAY-HILL, Edith Mildred Mary Agnes 'Molly'

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Nee: Maude

Death Date: 13 Oct 1939 Muthaiga Club

Area: Naivasha

Married: 1. In London 1924 Cyril Seys Ramsay-Hill (1890-1976, div. 1929); 2. 8 Feb 1930 - Josslyn Victor Hay, Earl of Erroll (1901-1941)

Book Reference: Mischief, Hut

General Information:

Mischief - 1928 - Joss Erroll's marriage to Idina coming to an end in a blaze of acrimony and bad debts which he had run up in her name with the Indian merchants. ..... Erroll had fallen in love with Molly Ramsay-Hill a married heiress and a beauty older than him; a petite, slender, animated woman with auburn hair. Her husband Major Cyril Ramsay-Hill, was a rancher who hjad built himself a huge whitewashed castle in the Moroccan style on the edge of Lake Naivasha, with crenellated walls, a minaret, and lawns sloping down to the edge of the water. 'Oserian' as it was called, had been known since Happy Valley days as the 'Djinn Palace'. ..... There is a legend that Ramsay-Hill horsewhipped Erroll for his seduction of Molly, outside the Norfolk Hotel - Somali servant said it happened at Narok. ........... Idina cited Molly and produced 2 enquiry agents to prove 'misconduct' in a flat in Sloane St. in April 1928. ......... 1930 - Erroll married Molly and moved into Oserian. Molly's estate produced an income of £8000 a year ....... 1934 Erroll became a paid up member of the British Union of Fascists ..... 1935 he was elected, aged 34, to Presidency of the Convention of Associations. ....... He was losing interest in Molly and this, for Molly, signalled the beginning of a sad decline. She wanted desperately to produce a child and heir, and had many false pregnancies. Realising that she was losing Joss, she started to drink heavily and eventually to shoot morphine. She died in August 1939. ........ She left the Djinn Palace to Erroll in her will. ....... Dr Joseph Gregory who was GP to the Muthaiga Club Set - visits to Molly - the house smelt of champagne and vomit. Molly's body was covered with heroin abscesses.
Mischief - Cyril Connolly - died of drugs and drink.
Hut - Built Djinnn Palace, Boots heiress

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