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Name: TRICHARDT, Stephanus Petrus Erasmus 'Faan'

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Nee: bro of Carolus Johannes Trichardt

Birth Date: 23 Jan 1847 Ohrigstad, S. Africa

Death Date: Oct 1907 Nakuru

Profession: On the Piet Joubert trek to German East Africa 1905; farmer

Married: Anna Catherina Viljoen

Children: Aletta Gertruida (1871-1960); Zacharia Gertruida Anna Viljoen (1872-1959); Anna Catherina (1875-1969); Carolus Johannes (1877-1963); Catherina Elizabeth (1880-1906); Lodowikus 'Lukas' (1882-1957)

Book Reference: Morkel, Wikipedia

General Information:

Settled in Nakuru and died in Kenya duringa hunting trip in Oct 1907
Wikipedia Colonel Trichard's son Charles (C.J.) now considered the possibility of emigration to Madagascar, an area which had been explored years before by his grandfather Carolus. The Trichards were among a group of "bittereinders" (diehards) who attend a planning meeting in Ermelo on January 7, 1903, The six men who formed part of a delegation here for a Landseeking expedition to German East Africa to explore for settlement, had excluded the Trichards for the time being. Colonel Trichard however did join the dozen of the Great Commission, under the leadership of Piet C. Joubert, who departed from Lourenco Marques in May 1904.[5][5] At Trichard's insistence, they visited Madagascar, which was also examined as a destination by the Reitz brothers and General Manie Maritz. They visited Tamatawe and Tananariwe, and received by Governor General Joseph Gallieni, who authorized them to undertake a fact-finding journey. After exploring the east coast, they decided against settling because of three reasons, namely the official status of the Catholic Church, endemic malaria and the strong oriental influences.
From Madagascar, they traveled to Dar es Salaam, where they renewed the negotiations of 1903. They received permission to view the environment of Mount Meru, and returned soon after to the Transvaal, where their plans were completed in July 1904. In 1905, Trichard and his son Charles departed together with the Piet Joubert-trek to German East Africa.[5] He eventually settled at Nakuru in Kenya, but died there during a hunting trip in October 1907.
There is a person of the same name in Thomson's Falls in 1949 - his son?

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