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Name: POSTMA, S.

First Date: 1908

Profession: Member of van Rensburg Trek in 1908

Area: Plateau

Book Reference: White Man, Red Book 1912, KFA, Web

General Information:

White Man - Nov. 1914 - Postma, one of Delamere's men badly mauled by a lioness. ....... biting him badly in one thigh and clawing him on the other thigh. The lioness was dragging him along when he managed to kill her with his revolver. He was alone as he was riding on ahead of his boys, but he managed to get to his pony and made Morgan's camp. His wounds were dressed and he was despatched for Nairobi via Lumbwa.
Red Book 1912 - F.V. Postma - Kyambu ?
White Man - WW1 - Intelligence instructions to Lord Delamere - ' .......... Judd, Postma and Hitching will come down later to work in conjunction with you and under your orders .…. '

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