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Name: FLETCHER, Walter Miles

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Birth Date: 8 Feb 1908 Launceston, Tasmania

Death Date: 29 Jan 1988 Natal

Profession: Farm manager for Thad Avery near Ngobit

Area: Ngobit, Aberdares, 1933 Mgr. Keringet, Angata Ndare, P.O. Ngobit

Married: 1. In Nyeri 31 Jan 1933 Lady Victoria Mary Dolores 'Taffy' Feilding (dau. of 9th Earl of Denbigh) b. 29 Mar 1901 Lutterworth, d. 1985 Australia; 2. Nancy 'Bay' Creery (1897-1994)

Children: Christopher Everard (1935); Simon (1937)

Book Reference: John Carnegie, Hut, Red 31

General Information:

Hut - tossed by elephant.
Hut - wife 2 - Nancy 'Bay' Creery, 3 - Alison Pughe
A capable and charming Tasmanian who bred wonderful Boran bulls and superb merino sheep. A marvellous raconteur.

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