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Name: TRENCH, Daniel Power le Poer 'Dan'

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Photo Source: Chris Trench

Nee: son of Maxwell Douglas Le Poer Trench of Jadini

Birth Date: 31 Oct 1919 Nyeri

Death Date: 4 July 1991 'Jadini', Diani

Last Date: 1991

Profession: Farmer, hotelier

Area: Jadini

Married: 1. In Mombasa 18 Dec 1943 Jean Wood Eaton b. 19 Jan 1915 Letham, Angus, d. 7 Dec 2004 Forfar (later m. Alexander Stewart); 2. In Kwale Madeline Violet Armitage b. 17 July 1925 York, d. 1 Feb 2020 Nairobi

Children: 1. Iain Maxwell le Poer (24 Apr 1945 Kenya); 2. Christopher (20 May 1953 Mombasa); Sarah (Moller) (31 Aug 1954 Mombasa)

Book Reference: Kenton, Campling, Coastweek, Mischief

School: Kenton College - left 1933 for Prince of Wales School

General Information:

Campling - The younger Trench son, Dan, was born in Nyeri in December 1919 [actually 31 Oct 1919] …… Dan was always full of nonsense and he loved to accompany Keith [Campling] on outings; they were fond of venison and liked to go out on Coles Plains to do some shooting, and often returned with a gazelle which could be given to Mrs Wood at the Outspan to prepare or be taken to Nellie. ….. a strong tennis player
Coastweek 6-12 September 1991 - Obituary - Saint Stephen's Inter-Denominational Chapel in the grounds of Africana Sea Lodge was on August 16, 1991, packed with friends of all races and from all walks of life for the 'Thanksgiving Service' for the Life of Daniel Power le Poer Trench - one of the early pioneers of Kenya’s hotel industry. Born in Nyeri in 1919 he died on July 4, 1991 after living at Jadini, Diani, for most of his life. He leaves three children - Ian, Chris and Sarah, and four grand children. It was his parents Maxie and Nelly Poer, Trench who in the thirties started Jadini - the only other, hotel at Diani then being ‘Two Fishes’. Around Jadini in those days was a most ‘fantastic forest’ in which roamed lions, buffalo, leopard, several species of buck and colobus monkeys. Alliance Hotels also built a chapel in its grounds dedicating it to the memory of Maxie and Nelly le Poer Trench founders of Jadini Hotel’. Maxie and Nelly died one year after each other in 1968 and 1969, their ashes being scattered around this area which they so greatly loved.
After the ‘Thanksgiving Service' for Dan Trench on August 16, a second plaque was unveiled on the chapel door reading 'in memory of Daniel P. le Poer Trench 1919-1991, late of Jadini’. Among the family members at the service were Mrs. Sarah Moller (daughter) and Karen, three years, from Nairobi; Jack Trench (brother) and his wife, Dorothy; Mrs. Nancy Wise (Dan’s sister); Chris Trench (son) and Kathleen Bonham (cousin).
Dan took a very active part in the laying out and sitting of the airstrip at Ukunda - known to many of his friends as ‘the Dan Trench International Airport’ ! As a raconteur he was quite remarkable in the way he could enthral people for hours. He was also always a gentleman rising when a lady entered a room and offering her a seat. Declared Ken Martin ‘Dan is a part of Kenya’s history’. Dan was educated at Loreto Convent; Kenton and Prince of Wales School, Kenya, then returning to Seremai their coffee farm at Nyeri.
When war broke out he joined the Supplies and Transport Division of KAR being discharged in the mid-forties having been seriously ill with cerebral malaria. In the late forties he went to Jadini to help his parents, run the hotel, which he later managed until it was sold to Mr. Robinson in 1969.
Mischief - 'I was told that he was a senior beachcomber, down on his luck, and a drinker.'
Kenton College records show - '1996 - sister still in Nairobi'

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