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Name: FISCHER, Charles Terreneau

Birth Date: 22.4.1866 Brighton

Death Date: 21.4.1908 Nairobi

First Date: 1904

Last Date: 1908

Profession: DC

Area: Nairobi

Married: In Tenbury, Worcs. 1895 Elinor Halsted b. 1869 Greenwich, d. 1 July 1948 Surrey (later m. John Henry Bailey 1871-1948)

Book Reference: EAHB 1905, Drumkey, North, EAHB 1907, Barnes, Gazette

General Information:

Drumkey 1909 Directory of Residents - C.T. Fischer, Mombasa
North - Charles T. Ficher - Land Grant application (withdrawn) 29-1-1904
North - Charles Terreneuve Fischer - At Nairobi with wife 20-6-1904; Visiting Entebbe from Nairobi 17-10-1904; Landholder's Game Licence Nairobi Oct-Dec 1904; at 'Bedford Park' Fort Hall 6-8-1905; Land lease application for 300 acres, Bastoga, UP 8-10-1905; Bird Licence, Fort Hall, 24-11-1905; died 21-4-1908, aged 42
EAHB 1907 - C.T. Fischer - Nairobi
Barnes - Nairobi South Cemetery - Charles Terreneuve [sic] Fischer, born 22 April 1866, died 21 April 1908, aged 41
Gazette - 15/1/1906 - Bird Licence issued 24/11/1905 - C.T. Fischer
Gazette 1/7/1907 - The appointment conferring upon Charles Terreneau Fischer Esq. the powers of a Special Magistrate ………. Has been extended for a further period of 6 months from May 13th 1906 [sic]
Gazette 1/5/1908 - It is with deep regret that we have to announce the death of Mr C.T. Fischer, Assistant District Commissioner, and an Assistant to the Secretary for Native Affairs, who died in Nairobi Hospital on 21st April from heart failure following on an attack of pneumonia. The deceased officer, who had previously spent some time in farming in the Kenya Province, was temporarily appointed in the latter part of 1906 to supervise the conditions of Native Labour in the Nairobi District and on the Uganda Railway. These duties he continued to perform up to the time of his death, having been confirmed in his Appointment as Assistant District Commissioner (detailed for service as an Assistant to the Secretary for Native Affairs) with effect from April 1st 1907. His death deprives the Protectorate of the service of an able and conscientious officer.

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