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Name: RICHARDSON, Edward

Birth Date: England

First Date: 1904

Profession: Theodolite Surveyor. Assistant Engineer, California and Mexico, 1890-96; Asst. Engineer, Kingston, Jamaica 1896-99; Asst. Engineer and Acting District Engineer, Gold Coast Govt. Railways 1899, 1903; Asst. Surveyor, Uganda Protectorate 1904.

Book Reference: EAHB 1905, Drumkey, EAHB 1906, North, EAHB 1907

General Information:

Drumkey 1909 - Asst. Surveyor, UP, 1904; Asst. Engineer, California and Mexico, 1890-96; Jamaica 1896-99; Gold Coast Govt. Railways 1899-1903
EAHB 1906 - E. Richardson - Entebbe
North - Formerly Civil Engineer with Gold Coast Railways; appt. Asst. Surveyor UP 8/4/1904

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