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Name: AGNEW, Arthur Le Page (Capt. RN)

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Birth Date: 25 May 1861 Guernsey

Death Date: 14 Apr 1941, Salisbury

Nationality: British

First Date: 1891

Last Date: 1905

Profession: IBEA Co. General Africa Staff - appointed 19th October 1891. Capt. of IBEA Co's s.s. Juba; appointed Port Officer Zanzibar 1893

Area: Zanzibar

Married: 12.4.1893 - Miss Sarah Catherine Grainger in Zanzibar

Children: Madeline Granger (Hart) (1.6.1894 in Zanzibar)

Book Reference: EAHB 1905, North, IBEA, EAHB 1906, EA Diary 1903, EAHB 1904

General Information:

North - From Guernsey. Transferred from RN to RNR, 31/12/1889. Awarded Sultan of Zanzibar's Order of Hamoudieh, 2nd Class, 1897
North - Juba ran aground at Wanga, reprimanded by Naval inquiry and resigned from IBEA Co. Feb 1893; forced to retire as Port Officer, Zanzibar, suffering from leprosy July 1905; In London 11-8-1905
Joined navy aged 14
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