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Name: POLLOK, FitzWilliam Thomas (Col.)

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Birth Date: 19.10.1832 India

Death Date: 12.11.1909 Dover

Nationality: British

First Date: 1889

Last Date: 1890

Profession: IBEA Co. General Africa Staff - appointed 8th March 1889.

Married: 1. In Calcutta 22 Jan 1859 Agnes Paterson Campbell b. 17 June 1939, d. 1964 India 2. Emilie Ann Rothes Leslie b. 26 Sep 1844 London, d. Malta 25 Oct 1931

Children: William Douglas (4 Nov 1859-1868); Agnes Constance (22 Dec 1860 Myanmar-1888); Edward Thomas (21 Mar 1862 Myanmar-1911); Mabel Caroline (1868 India); Douglas Leslie (1869-1878); Henry (1871 India); Gertrude Mary (3 Aug 1872 India-1942); William Henry (1882 Drogheda-1951); Herbert Charles (1890-1968);

Book Reference: EAHB 1905, North, IBEA, EAHB 1906, EAHB 1904, Chandler

General Information:

North - recruited 82 men in India to work for Company as sappers arr. Mombasa Feb 1890; In disagreement with G. Mackenzie & J. Pigott, 'Mackenzie's factotum' (Pollok, ZA) over their conditions of employment. Men not sappers as requested 'but cooks, cooks-mates, pork butchers, waiters in soldiers' messes, snake charmers, common coolies and such like common riff raff of the ordinary Indian Bazaar' (Mackenzie, ZA) 9/3/1890; resigned at Mombasa 'late IBEA Co.' 17/3/1890; dep. Mombasa for England 26/3/1890
Chandler - A schoolmate of Charles Gordon, Pollok served for many years in India as an officer of the Madras Staff Corps. He married Agnes Campbell in 1859. Pollok was a prolific hunter …………….
North - From Farnham, Hants but resident in the Azores, offered temp. employment with IBEA Co. to recruit sappers in India; Retd. from British Army as Lieut.-Col. 14/9/1878

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