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Name: PLOMMER, Hugh Bourne Clowes (Capt.)

Birth Date: 1882 Boughton Blean, Kent

Death Date: 31.8.1922 Faversham

Nationality: British

First Date: 1890

Profession: IBEA Co. General Africa Staff - appointed 1st March 1890. Capt of ss Juba andss Goa

Married: In Canterbury 1905 Annie Wilson b. 1882 Ashford, Kent

Book Reference: EAHB 1905, North, IBEA, EAHB 1906, EAHB 1904

War Service: 1899-1902 Sea Transport medal S. Africa and China

General Information:

IBEA Co. - Nominal List of British Born Subjects resident in IBEA Territories within the Sultans Domain, 30 April 1891 - J.C.B. Plommer, Capt. S.s. Juba
North - Incorrectly listed by McDermott as T.C.B. Plummer. See Capt. Hugh B.C. Plommer
North - Captain of s.s. Juba at 1891
Nat Probate Calendar

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