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Name: ALLEN, Kenneth Watson (Dr.)

Birth Date: 1886

Death Date: 1955

First Date: 1922 (Foster has 1929)

Last Date: 1955

Profession: Africa Inland Mission medical doctor

Area: Chania Bridge

Married: Ruth Ella b. 1886

Children: William Kenneth b. 1914

Book Reference: KAD, Red 31, Hut, Red 22, Barnes, Dow, Foster

General Information:

Red 22 - Kenneth W. Allen, AIM, Chania Bridge
Barnes - Kijabe Cemetery - KW Allen MD 1886 - 1955 satisfied Psa 17:15
Dow - May 1917 ……. Britain announced the drafting of all British and Canadian men living in Kenya. This included Kijabe AIM missionaries - Dr. Kenneth Allen
Kijabe Cemetery - K.W. Allen, MD - 1886-1955
Foster - worked at Kaloleni CMS Hospital; January 1946 transferred to the Ruanda Mission.
Red 31 has Dr. K.N. Allen, Githumu, Thika
Gazette - 6/2/1924 - Voters Register - Ukamba - Kenneth Watson Allen, Missionary, Chania Bridge and Ruth Schneider Allen, Chania Bridge

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