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Name: ANDREWES, Henry Leslie

Birth Date: 28 Nov 1873 Hampstead

Death Date: 1946 Poole

First Date: 1914

Profession: Tea planter in Nilgiris, India 1899-1913; farmer

Area: Lumbwa, Kiambu

Married: In Kiambu 1914 Miss Findlay (dau of James George Findlay)

Book Reference: KAD, Hut, Red 22, Gazette, Alumni, Web, Red 19, KAD, Kiambu Scrapbook

School: Reading & King's College Cambridge

General Information:

Red 22 - H.L. Andrews, Lumbwa
Gazette - 13/9/16 - Probate & Admin. - James George Findlay of Nairobi who died in London 1/5/14. Applied for by Henry Leslie Andrewes of Deepdene, Kiambu
Gazette - 7/4/15 - Liable for Jury service, Kiambu - H.L. Andrewes, Deepdene, Kiambu
Cambridge Univ. Alumni - Went to India 1899 and engaged in tea planting in the Nilgiri Hills. Left India 1913. Went to Kenya Colony; engaged there in coffee-planting. During the Great War served in the Tanganyika Territory, 1917-18. Subsequently engaged in tutorial work till 1922. Returned to England.
Web - Migaa Estate - At the end of 1913 James Findlay bought Deepdene - 300 acres - for £6000 from a Captain Muller [Moller] from Sweden. In 1914 James Findlay's son Kenneth J. Findlay and H.L. Andrews came from Burma and India respectively to manage it.
Red Book 1919 - H L Andrewes - Settler, Kyambu
Hut - H. Leslie Andrews 1914 Kiambu married Miss Findlay
Kiambu Scrapbook - Another early car to appear in Kiambu was brought out in January 1914 by Mr Leslie Andrewes, son-in-law of Mr J.G. Findlay. Nephew of Herbert Edwards Andrewes. His main interests were Lepidoptera and Aculeate Hymenoptera but he also collected beetles. Horn,W. and Kahle,I. (1935-37) notice that part of a collection of Coleoptera he made in India passed to the NHM via H.B.Andrewes and that single specimens were sold by Janson and Sons. Amongst a collection of British Hymenoptera in the Dorset County Museum at Dorchester acquired from Andrewes are two boxes of British Beetles. There is another collection formed by Andrewes in the University of Hull, Department of Zoology (information from Roger Key). The beetle Neocollyris andrewesi Horn is named after him. There is a short obituary in Proc.RESL,(C) 13, 1949, p.66 (from information supplied by G.M.Spooner). (MD 7.01)
Went to live in Purbeck, Dorset and was a widower by 1939

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